Step-by-step plan to install hinges and locks

Of course, you want your home to be well protected against burglars at all times. Then it is not only essential to have good hinges and locks, but it must also be installed properly. That’s where the locksmith comes into play, helping you every time, from choosing the locks to installing them. Curious about how he works? Below you can read the step-by-step plan of each locksmith.

Step 1: contact the locksmith.

Of course, the first and most important step! Have you been locked out? Has your key been lost, or has your lock been forced? Call your local locksmith immediately! When he gets your call, he’ll make sure it arrives when we get back. He looks at what exactly the problem is and then proceeds immediately.

Step 2: placement of the locks

If you have contacted the locksmith because you have lost your key or because you have been locked out, a new lock on the doors on the lower floor is often sufficient. If it concerns a burglary, it can be interesting to also look at the rest of the house.

The locks downstairs can be renewed, but if burglars can easily reach an upper floor, they will enter your house from there. The locksmith can walk you around your home to see which doors or windows are more likely to break-in. Then you can also have these locks replaced immediately.

Step 3: the right locks

The locksmith will consult with you to determine the most suitable lock type for you. It is not about the quality or the lock’s dimensions because that is good with an honest locksmith, but about the SKG value of a lock.

SKG-IKOB is an independent body that tests hinges and locks for strength and durability. They work with stars: products with stars are ‘standard burglar-resistant, with two stars ‘heavy burglary resistant and three stars ‘extra strong burglar-resistant.

Are you having your locks replaced because you are locked out or because you have lost your key? Then you can keep the current SKG value of your lock. If you are now having your locks replaced because you have been robbed, it is wise to choose a lock with a higher SKG value to improve the burglar resistance.

Step 4: combine with extra security.

To make it even more difficult for burglars, the locksmith offers you several extra options to improve your locks. You can think of an anti-burglary strip or core pulling protection.

The burglar-proof strip consists of two metals that, as it were, hook into each other when your door closes. It leaves no room for burglars to force the door with a crowbar.

With core pulling protection, it is no longer possible to pull the cylinder out of the lock. By removing the cylinder out of the lock, burglars can enter directly. You can also go a step further and opt for an electronic security system. You can, of course, contact your locksmith for each of these options.

Step 5: The locks are installed

The locksmith now knows precisely what needs to be done and which locks are required. He will order all the custom locks, as well as the additional security options you have chosen. Often the locks can be installed on the same day. Otherwise, an emergency solution is applied. The other security options can also be added or installed later.

Have you opted for an electronic security system? Then the locksmith will install and explain this and possibly put you in contact with a staffed control room so that even more eyes will be on your home or business premises.

But that is not everything.

The ADP Locksmiths is a true expert in the field of locks and security. So you can also contact him for many other things. It not only replaces locks but also comes with an integrated security plan if required. Of course, you can also contact him to make the keys.

If you are locked out but don’t want new locks, the locksmith will make sure you can get back in as soon as possible! You can always contact him for advice about your security system, as he is almost always a certified burglary prevention officer.

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