Staying Energetic Throughout Weight Loss Can Enhance Sleep And Assist Shed The Kilos | 2022-05-19

If you’re on your weight-loss journey, staying active can improve the duration and quality of your sleep — according to a recent study from Denmark, it’ll help you stay on track to reach your goal.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Hvidovre Hospital analyzed sleep data from nearly 200 adults with a body mass index between 32 and 43, which is considered obese. After sticking to a calorie-controlled daily diet for eight weeks, the participants lost weight — and also experienced improved sleep duration and quality. They were then assigned to one of four weight loss maintenance groups and followed for one year.

The people either participated in four workouts per week, took the weight-loss drug liraglutide, a placebo, or a combination of the drug and placebo. Sleep duration was measured using data from accelerometers, and participants self-reported sleep quality.

The results show that those in the group that exercised maintained their sleep improvements from the initial dieting phase, while those in the other groups relapsed. Additionally, participants who slept less than six hours a night at baseline or had poorer sleep quality gained more weight during the maintenance phase.

Treatment with liraglutide showed no significant effect on sleep duration or quality compared to placebo.

“It was surprising to see how weight loss in obese adults improved sleep duration and quality in such a short period of time, and how exercising while trying to maintain weight improved sleep quality,” said study lead author Adrian Bogh, a medical student at the university, according to a press release.

Co-author Signe Torekov, a professor in the university’s Department of Biomedical Sciences, added: “The fact that sleep health is so closely linked to maintaining weight loss is important, as many of us are not getting the recommended amount of sleep that is necessary for us Optimal sleep is needed for health and function. Weight loss sustained through exercise seems promising for improving sleep.”

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