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2022 was a great year. We have recovered from the pandemic together as we have worked to make our county a better and safer place to live. Our new Board of Directors began the year with the realignment of the Fire and Rescue Commission, giving equal representation to every manager. Throughout the year we have worked hard to fund every single fire and rescue organization. I would like to personally thank all of our volunteers for their continued service and sacrifices.

With the hiring of interim district manager Clarence Monday, he worked diligently with Kim Van Der Hyde to bring that board a balanced budget with no tax increases, despite inflation. Clarence stayed with us for most of the year and did a great job guiding us through many trials. We are very grateful to him for his service.

Thanks to funds from CARES and ARPA, we were able to purchase a variety of much-needed equipment. It has allowed us to fund numerous projects and offer rewards to our volunteers and staff for their service during the pandemic.

A large portion of ARPA funds has been used to improve and expand the Internet throughout the county. We have partnered with our school system to ensure that one day reliable internet will be available in our county.

Our landfill continues to be financially stable, generating revenue to cover its expenses and capital improvements. We have opened two new convenience centers and a third is due to open next year.

We have invested in the expansion and transformation of the Gretna Library as it transforms into a true community center.

We approved funding for two much needed water lines – one in Bachelors Hall and the other in Chatham.

We have named three separate bridges in honor of Trooper Henry Harmon, Trooper Henry Brooks, and Deputy Sheriff J. Holland Thomas Sr. May we never forget their sacrifice.

We supported an increase in funding for our Sheriff’s Office to facilitate retention and attract suitable candidates for employment.

For the second year, we supported an internship program that brought over 20 young people to work and study, which was a tremendous benefit to the county.

We saw Axxor and Aerofarms expand and welcomed Tyson Foods, Walraven, MEP, Stanton River Plastics, Tradesman Trucking and Commonwealth Home Health Care to our county to name a few.

National interest in our megapark continues to grow as we just lost a Hyundai plant to Savannah Georgia. But don’t worry, there are other companies that are also interested in coming to our county.

Our Pet Center continues to provide humane services and quality of life to our four-legged friends. The staff there provides such a wonderful service for pets and those looking for a furry companion.

We have invested in Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services, Danville Community College and the Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce through their Rev-Up program designed to boost new businesses.

We have passed many resolutions commemorating and honoring a variety of organizations and citizens. From the late Supervisors FA Keatts and Cory Harville to the late Sheriff Harold Plaster. We’ve honored several track and field athletes, from baseball star Joe Mantily to race car driver Timothy Peters to the Tunstall High School basketball and volleyball teams, to name a few.

And unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our colleague Jessie Barksdale, who has resigned from our board for personal reasons. His seat was subsequently filled by our newest colleague, Robert Tucker.

In closing, I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as Chair of your Board of Directors as well as Chair of RIFA, the Regional Industrial Facilities Authority. I personally think that we have achieved a lot together this year, despite.

I look forward to serving you as we move forward in anticipation of what 2023 will bring.

Vic Ingram

Chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Directors

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