START THE WEEK ON THE RIGHT: The Bariatrician presents weight reduction sufferers superior well being and health choices

At the same time as the Genesis Center for Weight Management is expanding its services, the center has undergone a transformation of its own.

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The center has moved to the third floor of Medical Office Building 2 on the Genesis Medical Center campus on East Rusholme Street in Davenport. The move will expand the center from 2,100 to 3,900 square feet and is intended to be a motivational, uplifting destination for people with the aim of transforming their lives and improving their health through weight loss.

A team that Dr. Ahmed, a nurses, physical therapist, nutritionist, clinical psychologist and office staff member, works with all new and existing patients to put them on the right track, even if these are non-surgical options, including meal replacement, diet, medication, and exercise or surgical options.

“My greatest achievement in obesity medicine is telling patients that we are reducing or discontinuing their need for drugs for chronic diseases because they have successfully achieved their weight loss goals,” said Dr. Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed said one goal of his practice is to help patients take control of their health and wellbeing.

“My goal is to motivate patients to take control and sit in the driver’s seat with the expertise of a weight management team to help them with their individual weight loss,” he said. “It is a reward when we can discover the hidden potential of individual patients as they successfully become healthier and happier through personalized weight loss interventions.”

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