Starlink in use on ‘all entrance traces,’ Ukraine spy chief says, however wasn’t lively ‘for time’ over Crimea – CNN

  1. Starlink in use on ‘all front lines,’ Ukraine spy chief says, but wasn’t active ‘for time’ over Crimea CNN
  2. Elon Musk Hits Back As Kyiv Fumes At Interference In Attack On Russia; ‘Desperate To Defend…’ Hindustan Times
  3. U.S. Government Can’t Allow Elon Musk the Power to Intervene in Wars The Daily Beast
  4. Ukraine War: It Doesn’t Matter How Elon Musk Got Involved. He’s In It. Bloomberg
  5. And then Elon Musk said there’ll be no more war – not via his satellite. Aren’t we lucky to have the world in his hands? The Guardian
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