‘SNL’ roasts Cuomo for nursing dwelling scandal, Cruz for Cancun flap

Even Governor Andrew Cuomo’s character on “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t bring himself to apologize for the death scandal in New York.

The non-apologetic governor was played by Pete Davidson on the latest installment of the late night comedy show and appeared alongside Aidy Bryant as contested Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The Poles were both supposed to apologize to Chloe Fineman’s Britney Spears on a show called “Oops, You Did It Again” – with Cuomo’s infamous anger replacing any regrets instead.

Davidson’s Cuomo even tried to ignore the nursing home scandal at first, pretending to be on the show to get the “exciting” news that “indoor dining is back in New York!”

After receiving a warning from Spears, Davidson’s cuomo finally looked dejected as he admitted, “It’s the … nursing home stuff.”

He insisted that the inaccurate reporting of COVID-19 seniors deaths in New York was no different from “what happens at Disney World” – and suggested that the theme parks “move the body” to pretend as if people who die on rides actually passed outside the park.

“So we just did the Disney thing,” the fake Cuomo said innocently.

Pulled up again by Spears, the fake cuomo ended up doing what the real one doesn’t seem capable of and apologizing, albeit angrily.

“Yes. I said I’m sorry!” He barked – before getting furious at the mention of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s name.

“What did that bird say about me?” he asked and said he would “bury him in the highest grave this city has ever seen”.

“I’m sorry, OK,” he said to Spears. “I get a little angry every now and then – and always.”

He even got angry when Cruz – delighted at his own scandal of flying to Mexico during his state’s blackout crisis – tried to compare them as “both badly misunderstood men”.

“Don’t connect with me. We are not the same. I’m a man, you’re a clown, ”Davidson’s Cuomo snapped.

“If you mess with me, I’ll send you to a clown hospital. And if you die, I won’t count your body, ”he warned.

Bryants Cruz had walked onto the show’s set with pearls in his hair, wearing a t-shirt that read “Cancun Family Vacation 2021”, a tropical drink in one hand and a rolling suitcase in the other.

“Hola everyone together. I’m not brown – I just cried myself red over my Texans. And that’s why I drink in their honor, ”he said with a smile.

“I’m in a little bit of hot water that I’m told isn’t something nobody has in Texas,” Bryants Cruz told Spears.

“I deeply regret my actions over the past few days … most fly United,” he joked. “I’m sorry – I’m pretty bad at human things,” he said of his lame joke.

When asked whether he should be called a coward because he left his home state during its historical crisis, the pretender Cruz said: “Yes, a ‘coward’ is actually the nicest word I’ve heard.”

Cuomo wasn’t the only guest in Cruz who was angry and trying to compare himself to them. Gina Carano, played by Cecily Strong, called him “coach” for her “first class”.

“If you compare yourself to me, I’ll blow you into the furthest desert from Tatooine,” the fake Carano said to Cruz – only to have him respond, “Anything to get out of Texas.”

Carano insisted that she did not have to apologize for her social media posts, for which the plight of today’s Conservatives was compared to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

“I would never have made this Nazi comparison if I had known that everyone would be a Nazi,” replied the pretender Carano.

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