SNL mocks Peloton with Excellent Passive Aggressive Exercise Craze

Saturday Night Live parodied the popular peloton training system with Pelotaunt: a training regiment that revolves around negative reinforcement and ridicule.

Saturday night live mocked the popular Peloton Line of Exercise Equipment in their February 13, 2021 episode. Their spoof commercial advertised a similar line of bikes, treadmills, and tutorials based on passive-aggressive treatment, intended for those who want to exercise from the comfort of their own home, but unable to handle the positive attitudes and praise of the peloton program.

Fitness at home has become a major problem over the past year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it all but impossible for some fitness fans to hit the gym. This has led more and more people to look for ways to exercise at home, sometimes even buying their own treadmills and stationary bikes, and creating more virtual fitness services like Apple’s Fitness Plus. Peloton is known for its unique approach of attaching a monitor to standard fitness equipment so the practitioner can choose from one of several instructors who can guide them through their workout with positive reinforcement and encouragement.

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Saturday Night Live suggested that while Peloton’s approach might work for some, there are people who feel uncomfortable when aggressively nice strangers say “You can do it!” Call. This is the philosophy behind Pelotaunt; the exercise program for people who cannot be motivated by praise. The full commercial parody can be viewed below.

Like Peloton, Pelotaunt offers a variety of expert trainers to assist with virtual training of users – but don’t expect happy endorsements from this crew. The pelotaunt fitness managers don’t care about other people’s feelings as they get paid either way and are brutally honest about this fact. Using a combination of negative reinforcement and relentless criticism, the pelotaunt trainers will guide users to their perfect bodies by channeling the natural desire to defy the handsome, fit people who think they are not good enough to be one of to be them. The Pelotaunt motorcycles and treadmills offer a variety of training options with instructors who can show both contempt and snot disdain for those looking for the most aggressive mind on this side of a David Lynch film festival.

While Peloton is joking and going to ridiculously abusive extremes, there are times when Peloton does offer options like these for customers who don’t like the typical cheeky, cheerful fitness trainers. This Saturday night live The sketch was for sure the best sketch of the week, beating the opening sketch that poked fun at Donald Trump’s defense team. Maybe it will be so memorable that it will inspire the next successful fitness trend!

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