Snacking “Not a Dangerous Factor” – add these wholesome snacks to your weight reduction weight-reduction plan

Rob Hobson is a registered nutritionist and author based in London. He spoke to about why snacking is allowed – even on a diet – and what snacks you should be eating.

It’s not necessary to eat a lot after your workout, but Rob said an apple might be a good idea if you feel like you are in need of the energy.

He said, “Apples contain 86 percent water, which makes them a great post-workout snack that will help you rehydrate after your workout.

“Apples also contain natural sugars, which can help replenish glucose stores. This is important for those who exercise regularly so they can maintain the energy level for subsequent workouts as well as the energy level for the remainder of the workout day, ”added the nutritionist.

In addition, like all fruits and vegetables, apples contain antioxidant compounds, such as polyphenols, that “help reduce the damage and inflammation caused by excess free radicals in the body”.

Rob said that foods high in water content have also been shown to promote weight loss.

He stated, “A randomized controlled study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that in a group of obese women, a low-fat, low-energy diet was an effective way to lose weight.

“The women in the study reduced their energy density by eating more water-rich foods like vegetables and fruits. They ate more food based on weight, felt less hungry and satiated, and successfully lost weight, ”he added.

Additionally, Rob recommended eating high-fiber foods such as snacks like granola bars.

Other foods that the dietitian mentioned that are good nibbles are low-fat yogurt and healthy dips with chopped vegetables.

Rob emphasized, “Snacking is not a bad thing as long as you choose the right types of foods.”

He also explained the importance of taking portion sizes into account, saying, “A little and often, eating works for some people, which means eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day instead of three square feet.

Rob mentioned “The Happy Apple Plan,” a nutrition plan that encourages people to eat more apples as part of their weight loss diet.

He said, “The Happy Apple Plan says that snacks fill up so you don’t overeat when you have your main meals – a major cause of weight gain.”

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