Skincare and motherhood: knowledgeable suggests magnificence suggestions for brand new moms

Skin care and motherhood: expert suggests beauty tips for new mothers | Photo credit: Yandex

New Delhi: A mother’s skin goes through a number of changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. With the baby busy day and night, skin care often takes a back seat. Not all skin changes after pregnancy are bad and it’s perfectly okay to bask in glowing skin, but not taking care of the skin can cause acne, melasma, stretch marks, puffy eyes, and even dark circles. In this article, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Dermatosurgeon at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai safe beauty tips for new mothers.

When breastfeeding, there are always doubts about which product to use and which not. And let’s face it, taking care of the baby can avoid long spa visits. Just 10 minutes a day for your skin will get your skin going again. You can proceed to your favorite beauty treatments below without fear

  1. Hair color, perm, straightening, hair strengthening: Make sure your scalp isn’t itching or irritating before you book an appointment for a hair service.
  2. For oral: Basic dental treatments.
  3. Have pedicures and manicures: Keep your nails short to avoid dirt.
  4. For the body: Treat yourself to a good massage oil massage.
  5. Get a leg or bikini wax: Waxing does not affect the functioning of the milk ducts. However, your skin can still be sensitive, so be sure to do a patch test before waxing.

Professional cosmetic treatments aren’t a no-go either, and some dermatologists have suggested treatments that are safe for the new mom’s skin and refresh the skin without harm to the child:

  • Chemical peels: Acid peels are very effective in removing the dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin. Exfoliators are safe to use while breastfeeding and are best used in winter
  • Dermal fillers and botox: You have very little risk of systemic uptake into the body and if you want to reduce fine lines, frown lines, dull and tired skin, and tired eyes, trained health care professionals can help you effectively.
  • Low level laser therapy: The laser does not penetrate so deep that it interferes with breastfeeding. Post-pregnancy laser treatment can be used to treat sore nipples, reduce stretch marks, acne, fine lines, and melasma.

Stay away from invasive procedures like fat reduction, microblading, tattoos etc.

Ingredients for shopping

If you don’t have time to hit the spa, here is a list of skin care ingredients to include in your daily routine:

  • Vitamin C: It’s the new mom’s best friend. For skin rejuvenation, you can use a vitamin C-based cream or a facial toner. You can also use home remedies that contain vitamin C ingredients like lemon to give your skin a boost.
  • Benzoyl peroxide: It’s the safest anti-acne arsenal in your skincare kitten. Use it in the amount recommended by the skin specialist.
  • Zinc oxide: Yes, the skin always needs sun protection, whether you are pregnant or not. Instead of chemical sunscreens, opt for physical zinc oxide-based sunscreens so that absorption is minimal.

If you follow basic skin care routine with cleanse toning and moisturizing mornings and evenings, your skin will stay glowing and supple all day long. Sleep when the baby is asleep, and don’t forget to add some time and exercise to your daily routine.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a guest author. Views expressed are personal.

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