Skilled shares the one train it is advisable do over Christmas to remain slim

You may not be sticking to your intense fitness and exercise regimen over the Christmas and New Year period, but there’s no need to fall off the train completely. Health expert and personal trainer Matt Hodges told exclusively that there’s only one exercise people need to do to not gain too much weight – and it’s easier than you think.

Matt told “Many of us will be spending the week of Christmas leading up to the New Year at home or surfing on the couch with friends and family.”

Drinking and eating become the main social activities with countless Christmas parties and meeting up with everyone you know.

With the weather cold and the celebrations leaving many of us hungover, the exercise programs we’ve been honing throughout the year often go out the window.

A combination of eating more and exercising less can’t be good for your waistline, according to the expert.

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He explained: “This means the daily workout will take a beat and I very much doubt people will hit the 10,000 step mark that day.

“The decrease in energy consumption and the increase in energy consumption can biologically only go in one direction.

“And that’s how your waistline gets auditioned for the role of Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus.”

But while the odds are slightly against us this Christmas, there is a way to get through the New Year without putting on the pounds.


Matt asked, “So how do we get the most out of this cozy, fireside nostalgic movie, Baileys at 11am, food coma-inducing burglary?”

Although Matt is a personal trainer, he doesn’t suggest that you hit the gym daily or even try to meet your January-November fitness and nutrition plans.

But there’s still a little you can do to help yourself, even as you enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.

“The key here again is preparation, but this time it’s practice preparation. You don’t have to be Mo Farah for Christmas, it doesn’t have to be long runs, gym sessions or HIIT workouts at home.

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“You just have to collect a few kilometers before the day starts.

“And what I mean by ‘day begins’ is the first thing you do when you wake up.

“Get up, put on your boots, go for a walk… a long walk, a walk that will make you sweat. Why? Claus I said it, that’s why!

“No, but seriously, it’ll prime your body for the day, you’ll burn a ton of calories you’ve eaten the day before, and it’ll make you feel better about the day ahead.”

Matt continued, “I know this may sound obvious, but it all works!”

Hiking can be a social activity, family or with friends, so you don’t have to give up your festive conviviality even when doing sports.

It’s also great in that it’s accessible to most people, not too strenuous, completely free, and requires no equipment.

Depending on your fitness level or how hard you want to exercise, a few small changes can make your daily walk easier or more difficult.

You can make your walking harder by speeding up, adding an incline, varying the terrain, or even using hiking poles to exercise your upper body.

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