Skilled shares preferrred desserts for “important weight reduction” – even on fasting days

dr Michael Mosley is a weight loss expert and advocate for low-carb diets and fast weight loss. His methods are no walk in the park, but they still allow dieters to enjoy their favorite foods, even desserts.

dr Michaels Fast 800 has three approaches depending on your weight loss goals.

These are the Very Fast 800 (an 800-calorie diet to “drive significant weight loss”), the New 5:2 (more of a gradual weight loss), and A Way of Life (for long-term maintenance).

One of the most important premise of the expert’s weight loss program—regardless of the method—is that cutting out carbs is a positive move.

Instead, he asks slimmers to adopt a Mediterranean-style diet of vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

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Nevertheless, it is possible to lose weight quickly and still enjoy your favorite foods, according to the expert.

As long as dieters watch the calories they eat and stick to relatively low-carb options, they don’t even have to skip dessert.

On his official website, Dr. Michael that those who follow his method can still enjoy chocolate – as long as it is of a certain type.

He explained that cacao contains reservatrol, a compound that contributes to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.


But although there are endless types of chocolate, only one is recommended by the weight loss expert – dark.

Choc Affair explained the differences between white, milk and dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is made from sugar, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter, although 100 percent dark chocolate contains only cocoa solids.

Milk chocolate is made from sugar, milk, cocoa butter and cocoa powder and varies in cocoa content, although it is much lower than dark chocolate.

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White chocolate is essentially the “opposite” of dark chocolate, which is just sugar, cocoa butter, and milk.

According to the website, “Some actually argue that white chocolate can even be classified as chocolate because it contains no cocoa solids.”

Other foods that contain resveratrol are blueberries and cranberries, so they make great desserts.

Or enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, because this also contains the important compound.

This is even possible for those following the new 5:2 diet and even the Very Fast 800.

But in light of this, Dr. Michael Schlankmacher to “be more mindful on fasting days as the calories can be significant”.

Not all sweet treats are created equal, and there are some that the weight loss professional would avoid at all costs.

The weight loss program urges dieters to limit sugar, so avoid reaching for white chocolate.

Certain fruits should also be avoided due to their high sugar content, so fill your fruit salads with apples, berries and pears rather than mangoes, pineapples and melons.

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