Shed pounds naturally with these Ayurvedic treatments

Being overweight can put you at risk for developing many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, and even sleep apnea. Therefore, it is extremely important to eat healthy, exercise and try decrease Naturally. However, many people turn to diets to shed excess pounds, and certain hacks can do more harm than good in the long run.

“As such, when attempting to lose weight, it is important to realize that four aspects – diet, exerciseSleep quality and stress levels – must work in sync to achieve the desired results,” said Ishti Saluja, a nutritionist.

But don’t worry, Dr. Dimple Jangda, an Ayurveda expert, has the perfect solution(s) which she shared on Instagram.

“Experts believe that being overweight can lead to various health conditions, including diabetesHeart problems, memory loss, accelerated aging and pregnancy complications,” she captioned her Instagram post, listing the following remedies:

Methi (fenugreek)

Packed with benefits, fenugreek seeds are often used to prepare Indian dishes. These seeds have been found to reduce and increase appetite saturation — and therefore helps you snack less,” said Ishti.

In addition to affecting appetite and feeling full, fenugreek seeds help balance hormones (particularly helpful for people struggling with PCOS), blood sugar levels, and control blood pressure. “When all of these things are better controlled, weight loss becomes easier too. All of these benefits are possible due to galactomannanthat’s the active ingredient found in these seeds,” she added.

Fenugreek seeds reduce appetite and increase satiety. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

However, she said that you have to build a tolerance for it fenugreek seedsand the best way to consume them is to soak the seeds overnight, put them in boiling water the next day and drink them as a tea.

In addition, Dr. Dimple suggests making a coarse paste by grinding a spoonful of the seeds in a blender. When ready, add a spoonful of honey and leave as is.


“Studies have shown that ginger increases metabolism and fat burning, and decreases fat absorption and appetite,” shared Dr. Dimple with.

According to Ishti, ginger contains antioxidants called shogaole and ginerole, which help fight and thus reduce free radicals inflammation in the body. “When you work towards a healthy gut, losing weight becomes easier. She suggested four combinations of ginger that work well – ginger with lemonGinger with Black Pepper and Honey, Ginger with Apple Cider Vinegar, and Ginger with Green Tea.

dr Dimple suggested putting a chopped piece of ginger in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, straining, and then drinking the water.


In Ayurveda it is known for weight control. So if you are struggling with weight loss this is a good addition to your diet (under the supervision of a doctor as not everyone should take this). “It helps reduce gasand minimizes water weight from the body by long-term removal of toxins, so it’s a good supplement when trying to lose weight,” Ishti said.

“For weight loss, take Shatvari powder in the morning with warm water or milk,” suggested Dr. Dimple in front.

Green tea

In a pan, boil 5-6 leaves and cinnamon powder and leave for 2-3 minutes. Strain and drink. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea helps activate the process of burning fat in the body.

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