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Rebel Wilson lives her best life! Extra special correspondent Marissa Montgomery caught up with Rebel on the set of her new ABC show “Pooch Perfect”.

Wilson shared about her recent weight loss, her split from Jacob Busch and of course her dog grooming show.

The actress looks and feels great after losing 60 pounds during her health year. She explains, “I’ve done little diets and things a lot, trying to shed a few pounds here and there … This is the first time I haven’t put on weight again.” “

This time it was different, she said, “I think because I’ve approached it from all areas … the biggest thing I’ve never worked on was the emotional side, which I suffered from as classic emotional food … so I really have worked on this side. “

Sharing her tips, she said, “The most important thing is just walking … I did all of these high-tech tests on myself in my health year. They said that for me, walking was the best way to lose unnecessary body fat. “

Rebel also manages her vitamin intake as an ambassador for Olly. She said to Marissa, “Olly supplements, they are amazing … During my health year, I swallowed a lot of pills and supplements and I said, ‘God, that takes about 20 minutes’ … Then I saw Olly … It takes like two seconds in the morning. “

Wilson also just announced that she and Jacob broke up, but she’s fine! The star told Marissa, “Any breakup is difficult and not ideal. I feel like I don’t know if it’s turning 40 or your own. I feel in a really good place. I’m so busy with work, I’m doing Pooch Perfect now and have three films to make after that. “

“Pooch Perfect” is a competitive reality show about dog grooming, and Rebel revealed, “I grew up in a dog show family.”


Rebel Wilson & Jacob Busch Split

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She continued, “My family made money … We had a yellow trailer that we could go to various dog shows and sell dog products.” Wilson smiled. “I have a very deep history with dogs … Very reminiscent of my childhood, especially when the dog got all the attention.”

“Pooch Perfect” will debut on March 30th at 8pm on ABC.

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