Shay Mitchell posts images of weight acquire and weight reduction throughout quarantine

Your loss is your gain.

Shay Mitchell posted a photo showing her weight loss during the pandemic.

“2020 was the year of looking for something to make us feel good. Not even good … to feel good. Feel ‘normal …’, “she said on Instagram, posted on Wednesday, showing off her newly toned body.

Actress “Pretty Little Liars”, 33, said she turned to some unhealthy habits to break her lockdown.

“For me that came in the form of comfort food, comfort clothing, and throwing my fitness routine out the window,” she said, adding, “And that was okay … for a while. They are called Unprecedented Times for a reason. “

But Mitchell, who welcomed their first child, little girl Atlas, in 2019, decided that she needed to improve her physical activity in order to improve her mental health.

“I also learned about physical and mental self-care and made a pact with myself that 2021 would be different,” she said. “I wanted to get back to myself because for Atlas – and everyone else – I am the best version of myself if I take care of myself first.”

Mitchell decided to “get [her] s – t together ”in January and they entered into a partnership with Open Fit.

“In just 4 weeks I felt more fit than I had in a long time and already have the results to show,” she said.

She explained that the fitness program only included 30 minutes of exercise five days a week for four weeks.

“A clear start, a clear ending and something that I can fully commit to,” she said. “I’ve loved getting up for the past four weeks and having a routine and a challenge to start the day with. I feel healthier, more energetic, and more engaged … which makes me better. “

In October 2019, Mitchell and friend Matte Babel welcomed Atlas after 33 hours of work. A month later she was back in the gym.

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