Sean McDermott: Payments have lots to do to know Matt Araiza’s scenario

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Bills coach Sean McDermott says he doesn’t know what his team will do with rookie punter Matt Araiza after a rape allegation against him emerged last year.

The Bills benched Araiza for Friday night’s preseason finale, and McDermott said afterwards that he doesn’t know what the team will do with Araiza going forward.

“It’s an extremely serious situation,” McDermott said. “It’s just hard to go through with this and it’s not a situation that I or we take lightly. It’s very serious, I understand the sensitivity of the situation and it’s clear we need to keep working to figure this thing out and we will.

When asked when the Bills found out that Araiza had been accused of rape, McDermott refused to answer. When asked if he expected Araiza to be on the 53-man list, McDermott again declined to answer.

When asked why Araiza didn’t play in Friday’s preseason game, McDermott said, “It was my decision and at the end of the day I didn’t think it was right.”

McDermott said he worked hard to find the right solution, pointing out that his focus on the Araiza situation took his mind off the game.

“It’s a game,” McDermott said. “There are other things that are more important.”

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