Samthing Soweto trolled about weight reduction

Samthing Soweto has been mercilessly mocked on social media after showing off a slimmer physique.

But following the suicides of stars like Riky Rick and Patrick Shai, fans are calling on others to be kind.

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In recent months, Samthing Soweto has shown visible weight loss on its social media accounts.

The singer Isphithiphithi’s last album was released in 2019, and since then he’s been keeping a low profile while working on new music.

While Samthing Soweto hasn’t directly commented on his looks or health, he has posted videos with pictures of himself exercising. Samthing also loves physical activities like hiking and has even made it a point to run three miles a day.

However, many fans believe that his changed appearance is due to stress and even mental health issues. This comes after Samthing Soweto posted a video online in February in which he was reacting to the death of Riky Rick.

Looking lost, the star told his fans: “Life is tough, let’s try to take care of each other as best we can. It is not easy. Take care of your family, life is really hard, it’s really hard.”


While Samthing Soweto could use all the support he can get, a number of trolls on social media have reached out to shame him after his last post.

On Friday, May 20, the star posted a selfie after getting a haircut which he claimed was provided by “Andrew”.

But instead of commenting on his fresh new fade, followers instead mocked Samthing Soweto for his looks.

Cebo E. Mancinza: “My brother, you don’t look well. What’s up”

Dj Thob’zin SA Gain: “What happened to you my brother, you look so sick”

AyaKiid Mč: “Whoever Andrew is…. He won’t see heaven for what he did to you.”


However, other fans urged the public not to sympathize with the star

Chrizlly Rsa: ‘This is why celebs go through depression, you bug them all’

Portia Matsimela: “In a world where you can be anything, be nice. Cyberbullying at its best disguised as innocent fun and jokes. We really have lost our humanity as humans. It is sad”

Luhle Cweni: “That’s why most celebrities suffer from depression and when they commit suicide you act like you all care about them. When all you guys ever did was turn everything into a joke.”

Makgabo Amogelang: Please be kind to Samthing Soweto. He might be going through something, but cyberbullying isn’t something he wants to deal with right now. Don’t do that guys, he’s human too.”


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