Samsung C&T to market next-generation good houses with AI

A home office in the RAI Life Hall that can be used for various purposes such as office work, homeschooling and music understanding

Samsung C & T’s Construction division will introduce next-generation smart home technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). The company plans to commercialize this technology this year at the earliest.

The company unveiled the Raemian Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Life Hall on February 15, an upgrade from the Raemian Home Lab-Smart Life Hall. AI technologies for a comfortable life are presented in the hall.

In the newly opened hall, convenient services with future technologies such as AI, robots and drones will be introduced. Special areas such as a home office and home training room have also been set up. Samsung C&T intends to commercialize these technologies by 2021 when their review is complete.

The new hall is largely divided into public and private areas.

The public area consists of a smart car park and public areas in an apartment complex. Samsung C&T introduced a smart parking system that guides residents to a parking space near their homes by recognizing their vehicle numbers and delivery robots that can carry residents’ luggage.

Facial recognition functions and thermal imaging systems are installed at the entrance of an apartment, and CCTVs at home can show the growth of plants on smart farms in the public area of ​​the apartment complex.

Information robots with autonomous driving functions are used in the community to guide visitors to facilities, while unmanned cafe robots make drinks and serve visitors in internal cafes.

In an apartment building, AI solutions are applied to existing smart home functions in order to provide an environment tailored to the life patterns of the residents. The AI ​​solutions implement the eating, resting and sleeping environment for residents and ensure that bathtubs receive water at the desired temperature.

Due to the increase in home activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung C&T has also set up a home office or home school area. It is created in the form of a hidden space to increase users’ focus. The company also introduced a multi-purpose room for various hobbies such as home fitness and movies.

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