Salma Hayek’s high-flying passion would possibly shock you

Have you ever wondered how Salma Hayek spends her free time? She may be a successful actress and producer, as well as a wife and mother, but the 56-year-old also makes time to hop on the trampoline. Documenting her latest session on Instagram, she wrote, “My kids refused to go on the trampoline I think they thought they were too old for it but I still love it.”

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Not just any trampoline either. A far cry from the mini backyard trampolines you remember from your youth, Hayek prefers being buckled into a harness and attached to elastic straps to using an oversized version. Go big or go home. Her video clip captured her beaming as she performed some impressive somersaults. There’s a reason they call it leaps of joy.

A huge trend during lockdown, trampolines have become a must-have for the at-home fitness crew. Everyone from Goldie Hawn to Victoria Beckham has thrived during the pandemic. Great for mental health, it’s also a really healthy way to get your blood pumping.

Not only does it help increase strength, strengthen the lymphatic system, and improve cardiovascular health, it’s a great low-impact exercise for making sure your knees, hips, and the like are secure. In fact, a study has shown that bouncing on the trampoline for 20 minutes is equivalent to running at 10km/h for the same amount of time in terms of calorie burning.

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