Reward for the “inspiration” from Slimming World Claire after weight reduction efforts

A leaner person who found out how losing weight changed their life was called an “inspiration.”

Claire Wood, 40, of Little Urswick, began her weight loss journey in 2014 when, under the guidance of world advisor Karen Clarke, she lost a staggering 8 pounds in 13 months.

Ms. Wood said, “I lost weight and it totally changed my life because I could do more with my kids and not be tired all the time.

“I put my head on the floor in this first slimming group. I had tried everything and had struggled with my weight since I was young.

“To tell the truth, I sat outside three times in a row and thought I can’t do it because I was going to be the greatest person there, but it was like walking into someone’s living room because I was with people who in the apartment were the same boat.

“I see people coming like me who can’t even lift their heads, and within a few weeks or months they are completely different people.”

The Mail readers praised the woman, who is now a team developer at Slimming World, on social media.

Linda Laing said, “This is amazing. What an inspiration. ”

Marie Moss said, “Looks good Claire.”

Pam Burton said, “Great results, she did really well.”

Stephen Watson said, “Well done Claire. The 8th in a year is amazing. Well done.”

Kayele Appleby said, “Well done Claire.”

Claire wanted to help others like herself and ran three weekly Slimming World groups in Ulverston. Now she is preparing to take over the South Lakes team.

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