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Here we are with another episode of Weekly Watt, the podcast where we cover the latest connected fitness news and updates.

This week, Laura and Colin talk about the upcoming fitness updates for the Apple Watch, the new Normatec 3 compression system, Peloton bringing back in-person studio rides, and something strange going on with the Peloton Rower.

The theme of the day is home fitness versus the gym. The strengths and weaknesses of each and why some prefer one over the other.

Listen or watch the episode below!

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About Laura Rosenberg

Laura is an editor for 9to5Mac and Connect The Watts, and occasionally writes about social media and Apple features.

In her previous career, Laura was a middle school English teacher for 12 years, and to be honest, she has trouble writing about herself in the third person. The love of her life is her dog Billy, a near-perfect Labrador/Collie whom she saved (or did he save her? Someone got her a bumper sticker) six and a half years ago.

Aside from walking her dog every day, in her free time Laura enjoys traveling, going to the gym, reading every book she can get her hands on, shopping at Trader Joe’s and playing Euchre with her friends.

She’s never been to WWDC.

You can find Laura on Twitter @LauraMRosenberg or Instagram @lauramirose.

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