Rep. Scalise: Do not blame Trump

“President Trump denounced what happened and I think everyone should have clearly denounced what happened, not just on January 6th, but also during the summer when they burned cities,” Scalise said.

“You saw the Left denounce on January 6th, just like us. They didn’t denounce what happened over the summer, ”he said. “So let’s be down the line and say that anyone who uses violence to resolve political disputes has no place in America and this should clearly be denied.”

Scalise’s claims came in response to host Jon Karl’s question about visiting the Republican Whip with Trump this weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Karl asked if Scalise accepted Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 election as legitimate. The former president repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the election, claiming without evidence that there was widespread fraud that led to his defeat.

“Yes, he’s the legitimate president,” Scalise admitted to Biden. “But if you ignore the fact that there have been states that have not obeyed their statutory laws, that is the core problem that millions of people are still unsatisfied with and don’t want to happen again. ”

In some states, lawyers for the president argued that pandemic-related changes to voting procedures were made without the approval of the state parliament.

Scalise said many Americans were concerned that these changes would carry over to the next election.

“I think that is the biggest frustration that many people have, are those states that have not obeyed the law, will they continue to do so in the future, or will we finally go back to what the constitution made ours choose calls for leaders? ” he said.

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