Recovered COVID sufferers recall the battle occasions film information

The pandemic is raging and has affected thousands in Goa. Despite the nightly curfew and strict guidelines, hundreds test positive and many succumb. While social media is flooded with requests for help, those who have recovered from the virus in the past few months share their stories with us. The general message: don’t take it lightly.

I was sick for days; The experience with COVID is terrible: Kezaia Caldeira, model

I took the test after symptoms such as a cold, body pain, and fever appeared. When it got positive I decided to go home in isolation. The first five days were very challenging as I had a fever, chills, loss of smell and taste, no appetite, breathing problems and side effects from the medication. I was almost inactive at the time and just remember feeling terribly sick. After that, things started to improve and now all I have is a phlegm. However, I have developed significant weakness, loss of strength, and optimal breathing. I have just started working on rehabilitation and would definitely recommend people who take this seriously. The experience with COVID is terrible and the more people can stay away from it, the better! Prevention is always better than cure and also applies to COVID.

My parents and I were in the hospital for three weeks; It was a nightmare: Romeo Fernandes, entrepreneur
At first my mother felt sick and in a few days it was my father and me. We had body aches and pains and a high fever. After all the home remedies, we finally decided to get tested and came off positive. A week later my parents had to be admitted because they went insane; The oxygen levels began to drop and we could barely walk. On the second day of admission, my wife and brother were told that my mother would not make it because her oxygen levels had dropped dramatically. A week later I was also admitted. All three of us were in critical condition and it was a nightmare. My wife shuffled between the hospital and home. Three weeks later, the three of us are back home with prayers from well-wishers. We are weak and will recover in the next three months. We assume that my mother first discovered the virus when she went to dinner. If our experience isn’t a wake up call for you to be more considerate then I don’t know what it is.

Doctors and hospital staff do their best: Kevin Pinto, travel blogger

It started with a high fever and when I took the test it turned out to be positive. I didn’t panic knowing it was happening everywhere. But my symptoms got worse and I started vomiting and getting easy movements. I vomited every hour, and even after seeing the doctor, I didn’t seem to be getting any better. That night it got worse because I couldn’t breathe properly. I rushed to the hospital and an X-ray and CT scan showed that I had pneumonia in addition to COVID. This was at GMC and unfortunately they didn’t have beds even though I had to be admitted. They took me to a ward, I was in a wheelchair, weak and drained. Finally, I asked the station boy to lend me a sheet, I borrowed a pillow, and fell asleep on the floor. Despite the difficult situation, the doctors and nurses got me my medication and injections on time. I was later told that I would be transferred to the South Goa District Hospital as there were beds there. After getting there, I had to stand in line for two hours, but then I was told there were no beds. The doctor suggested that I be admitted to the ESI Hospital in Margao but wasn’t sure what quality of treatment I would receive and returned home. I am recovering and I would like to ask everyone to take care of themselves. The doctors and hospital staff do their best, but they are also helpless. I’m 26 and thought I escaped with mild symptoms, but the virus hit me too.

People Should Not Discriminate COVID Patients: Rinton D’souza, DJ

It started all night with a fever and headache that lasted until the next day. I was tested and my GP prescribed some medication. After two days, I recovered from the fever, although I still had body pain. Then I got a call from the health department confirming that I was positive. I sent them my oxygen level three times a day and the doctors called me up. But then my daughter also developed a fever and my wife lost her sense of taste and smell. Now we have completed our isolation phase and my daughter and I are fine. My wife regains her sense of taste and smell after taking medication. You and I were very stressed when my daughter got sick. Our family checked us out and made sure we were fine. I have never felt so lonely when you are locked in a room and cannot be with your family. While we haven’t had any major complications, it’s extremely scary. What is also stressful is the discrimination that comes with the disease. My request to people is not to discriminate against those who test positive, to help in any way possible, and to donate plasma when they are recovering well and are eligible.

I got COVID because I took it very lightly: Philu Martins, fashion designer

I probably wouldn’t have gotten COVID if I hadn’t taken it so lightly. Three days after coming into contact with a COVID positive client, I had body pain, fever, and other symptoms. So I took the test and let all of my friends and family know when I tested positive. The health center gave me a kit and the doctor from there checked me out every day, and I had to send details three times a day. After quarantining myself with my husband and starting medication, I kept getting headaches, even though the fever was gone. I was asked to do breathing exercises. Now I am very careful about everything. I hardly ever leave the house. Even when I work, I wear a mask and let my team wear one too.

The most important thing now is to take the vaccine: Ricardo de Souza, entrepreneur

I got COVID from a friend towards the end of last year and luckily my wife tested negative after being infected. I had a fever and felt unfit. I consulted a few doctor friends, even overseas, and they helped me recover. It lasted 13 days, but the body and joint pain persisted for months. I had long-term effects. I had a fever the day I took my COVID vaccine and after that I felt so much better. COVID is not easy to take because of its long-term side effects. If it is not recognized in time, it can cause lung damage. The most important thing right now is to take the vaccine as this is our only hope.

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