Quordle, Nerdle, Heardle or Lewdle – The Nation’s Favourite Wordle Clone REVEALED | Video games | leisure

Wordle has taken the world by storm since launching less than a year ago. Perfect if you have five or ten minutes to spare, Wordle challenges players to find a five-letter word in just six tries. Needless to say, Wordle’s popularity has resulted in countless clones appearing both online and in the app stores. Some are better than others, with titles like Lewdle, Quordle, Nerdle, and Heardle all garnering a decent following. Which Wordle clone is the nation’s favorite? Express Online recently conducted a survey to find out.

In a poll viewed by more than 9,000 readers, Quordle leads with an impressive 26% of all votes.

Quordle is very similar to Wordle, except you have to figure out not just one word, but four!

Next up is the math puzzle game Nerdle with 14% of the vote, closely followed by Lewdle with 13% of the vote.

Emote deserves the next spot with 9% of the votes. Emotle is like Catchphrase meets Wordle, with emojis that spell out a famous saying.

Interestingly, the film-based Wordle clone beats Framed Heardle, receiving 7% of the vote compared to Headle’s 6%.

If you’ve never played Wordle, the goal of the game is simple. Using the process of elimination, you have to find a five-letter word in six tries.

After you guess, the letter tiles will change to one of three colors. Paying attention to the colors of the tiles is key to working out the answer with as little guesswork as possible.

If the tile turns grey, the letter will not appear in the word you are guessing. If the tile turns yellow, the letter you guessed is in the word, just not in the correct position. When the tile turns green, the letter is in the word and in the right place.

If you really want a challenge, Wordle offers a hard mode that prevents players from guessing letters that have already been ruled out. However, it’s risky because if you don’t solve the puzzle, you’ll have to wait until the next day for a new wordle to be released.

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