ProMedica launches the Healthcare Redefined Initiative: a brand new motion to redefine healthcare for everybody

TOLEDO, Ohio – (BUSINESS WIRE) – ProMedica, a non-profit, mission-based health organization, is redefining health care for millions of people with a new approach that enables better access to quality care and wellness programs across the country. The approach prioritizes social determinants of health (SDOH), elderly care, market-specific bespoke programs and innovation.

Called the Healthcare Redefined Initiative, ProMedica works to improve overall health and wellbeing by focusing on the environments in which people live, work and play. The goal is to help people stay healthy, happy, and independent for as long as possible, keep them out of the hospital, and cut healthcare costs across the board.

“We recognize that the US healthcare system is broken and believe that we are in a unique position to make meaningful change that affects millions of Americans,” said Randy Oostra, DM, EXPERT, President and CEO of ProMedica . “The result will be better access to quality care and resources that enable people to reach their full health potential.”

Social determinants of health

Taking into account social determinants of health – such as economic stability and access to education – will play an important role in this approach. With something as simple as a zip code, ProMedica can quickly identify the community’s health history and identify potential priorities for health improvement and integrated care options in the community. For example, if there are fewer healthy food sources in a particular zip code, ProMedica could work with local executives to ensure that people who live and work in that area are offered healthier alternatives to improve the quality of life.

“By 2030, we anticipate that considering social determinants of health will be the norm when it comes to how the healthcare industry delivers care,” said Oostra. “ProMedica is committed to making this holistic approach a reality now and uses social determinants of health data and analysis to refine our processes to best meet patient needs. We can use data to turn healthcare on its head. ”

Care for the elderly

ProMedica, which brought HCR ManorCare under the healthcare system umbrella in 2020 as ProMedica Senior Care, is also expanding the Healthcare Redefined Initiative within the senior care sector, focusing on healthy aging and independent living. Since acquiring HCR ManorCare in 2018, ProMedica has invested significantly, not only financially, but also through resources and partnerships, to improve the facilities that operate under the respected names Heartland, ManorCare and Arden Courts. ProMedica Senior Care offers the full spectrum of care, including wellness, skilled care and rehabilitation, memory care, assisted living, palliative care, hospice and home care.

“Over the course of 2020, we saw the most frail and vulnerable members of our community physically and mentally affected by COVID-19,” said Dr. Mark Gloth, Chief Medical Officer of ProMedica Senior Care. “Healthcare professionals and support workers everywhere have been heroic in their efforts to improve and improve patient care, from refining infection control practices and advancing breakthrough treatment options to innovating in clinical practice Security, medical care and psychosocial support. The Healthcare Redefined Initiative encompasses all of the industry-leading initiatives and lessons learned, and leverages them to shape the future of healthcare. ”

Market-specific customer-specific programs

As part of the initiative, ProMedica will also increase its focus on bespoke programs in its local markets that are tailored to the specific needs of each community. In 2021, for example, ProMedica partnered with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative on a multi-year project to improve the safety and energy efficiency of homes in several major cities in need of safe and affordable housing, with the aim of focusing on unsafe conditions in 7,000 households. ProMedica’s Healthcare Redefined Initiative will continue a cross-fertilization of ideas related to the organization’s successful endeavors, such as:


Finally, the new approach places great emphasis on innovation to address challenges and opportunities related to social determinants of health, elderly care and market-specific programs. Through data and analytics, ProMedica’s Healthcare Redefined Initiative is finding new, unique ways to keep individuals, families, and communities safe and sound. Methods range from preparing the next generation of health workers, to evaluating and implementing new clinical programs, to helping individuals make sense of how to improve their quality of life. For example, ProMedica is partnering with Bitwise to open an innovation hub focused on accelerating partnerships, facilitating technology innovation, and promoting equitable workforce development for underserved and underrepresented populations in the tech industry. In addition, ProMedica’s partnership with Kumanu has resulted in a wellness solution for employers that addresses critical risk factors that are often not adequately addressed in most corporate wellness programs such as SDOH.


ProMedica is a mission-based, nonprofit health and wellbeing organization headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. It serves communities in 28 states. The organization offers acute and outpatient care, an insurance company with a dental plan, and post-acute and academic businesses. The organization has 49,000+ employees, 12 hospitals, 2,500+ physicians and advanced practice providers with privileges, 1,000+ health care providers employed by ProMedica doctors and multiple health plans, and 335+ assisted living facilities, skilled care centers, memory care communities , outpatient rehabilitation clinics, hospice and home nursing facilities. Driven by its mission to improve your health and wellbeing, ProMedica has been recognized nationwide for its advocacy programs and efforts to address social determinants of health. More information about ProMedica can be found at

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