Prasad Nandkumar Shirke, coach of Shweta Tiwari shares her weight reduction secrets and techniques, vitamin plan and particulars

Shweta Tiwari, who made a comeback on TV with her new show Main Hoon Aparajita, is known as the sexy mom of TV, but not many are aware that the actress once gained a few extra pounds as well.

In February 2021, Shweta shared her before and after photos and the transformation was pretty obvious to everyone. In an interview, Shweta said that it was her daughter Palak Tiwari who inspired Shweta to lose weight and get fitter.

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Now Shweta’s nutritionist and trainer Prasad Nandkumar Shirke has spoken at length about how she lost tons of weight by following a simple and achievable diet and exercise routine.

Speaking about Shweta’s weight loss journey, Prasad said that the actor followed a weight loss diet and lost about 10kg in 6 months. He also revealed that Shweta used to workout 5 days a week and intensely workout one day a week.

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Prasad went on to say that the food Shweta ate was homemade, making it easier to stick to a routine. She stopped on nothing and also ate roti sabzi as part of her diet routine.

Apart from that, green vegetables like cucumber, tomato, spinach etc. were plentiful in their diet. Breakfast in Shweta used to be eggs, brown bread and tea.

Roti with paneer bhurji, low-fat cottage cheese and chicken were also part of their menu. Also, she used to eat egg white salad, which is high in protein with chicken or fish.

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