Pinterest protects its customers by banning language to drop a few pounds

Pinterest prides itself on protecting its users. In July 2021, the inspiration platform banned weight loss ads. Under the updated advertising policy, all weight loss statements and images are considered dangerous content.

The social media platform pulled the ads to create a safer space for its users. As Pinterest expands its advertising policies, it’s one of the first platforms to promote body positivity. Banning weight loss ads is a move to try to become a body neutral forum. Accepting all body types is the goal of Pinterest.

Pinterest’s body neutrality report

Since the new guidelines came into effect, Pinterest has been reviewing their effectiveness. And it turns out it is. The data shows that global searches for the term “weight loss” have dropped by 20 percent. On the contrary, pinners come to discover healthy habits. Search queries have shifted from weight loss to healthy eating. Searches for “quick and healthy meals” have increased by a whopping 65x.

The results also show that users are less looking for diets and more for tips on self-acceptance and a healthy lifestyle. Search for:

  • “Motivation for Healthy Eating” increased 13 times;
  • “body positivity” 2x increased;
  • “Curvy Body Reference” increased 5 times; and
  • “Body Acceptance Quotes” increased by 3 times.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest focuses on positivity. Over 91 percent of users think Pinterest is inherently positive. The platform has developed proactive measures to remain a positive space. It prevents harmful content and promotes body positivity.

Pinterest continues to pride itself on creating a safe space for users and a healthier internet. She recently announced a “compassionate quest” being developed with mental health experts. It offers a range of interactive activities that users can try to improve their mood when feeling stressed, anxious, sad or struggling with negative emotions.

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