Physique of teenager discovered useless close to Murdaugh property in 2015 is exhumed – NPR

  1. NPR will exhume the body of a teenager found dead near the Murdaugh estate in 2015
  2. Stephen Smith’s body is being exhumed for a private autopsy, the family says, nearly 2 years after the Murdaugh case prompted a re-examination by CNN
  3. Body of teenager found dead near Murdaugh’s property to be exhumed The Guardian US
  4. A teenager’s body is being exhumed in the wake of the Alex Murdaugh murders, the HuffPost family says
  5. Attorneys for Alex Murdaugh’s financial crime victims are now representing Stephen Smith’s family as a corpse of a teenager destined for Law & Crime exhumation
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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