Physique cam footage reveals off-duty Oklahoma Metropolis Police Captain asking officer to show off physique digital camera throughout suspected DUI cease – CNN

  1. Body cam footage shows the off-duty Oklahoma City Police Captain asking officers to turn off body cameras during CNN’s alleged DUI stop
  2. Oklahoma Police Captain Arrested for DUI Repeatedly Asks Officer to “Turn Off Your Camera” Fox News
  3. The police captain suspected of DUI asks the officer to turn off the Law&Crime Network with bodycam
  4. ‘Please turn off the camera’: Body cam footage shows OKCPD captain arrested for drunk driving in KFOR Oklahoma City work vehicle
  5. An Oklahoma City police captain charged with drunk driving urged another officer to turn off his body camera so they could “talk” before he is arrested, a video obtained by Yahoo News shows
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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