Peloton’s rower is on the best way. Here is what it is advisable to know

After years of speculation, home fitness giant Peloton has put the not-so-secret rumble to bed:

The rower comes.

Announced at the brand’s 2022 virtual Homecoming event, the long-awaited rower was featured in a video by peloton coach Adrian Williams showcasing the latest home device. While the teaser didn’t go into many details, we were able to glean some information from this brief look at the all-new rowing machine.

Here’s what we were able to decipher about the upcoming Peloton rower.

Peloton’s rower will have a minimalist design and a large screen

The video reveals that the upcoming Peloton rower takes inspiration from the brand’s current home fitness equipment. Similar to the Bike and Tread, the teased rower adopts a minimalist aesthetic centered around a large monitor for classes and stat tracking.

As for the construction, the belt drive system connects the handle to the flywheel and there is a red line down the middle of the belt as well as the foot straps. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal how they lock your feet, but the straps look wide enough to offer plenty of security and comfort. The handle also appears to have a center cutout. This could hint at the possibility of one-armed rowing exercises, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

It’s also unconfirmed if the upcoming Peloton rowing machine will be able to fold for easier storage, but judging by the teaser it doesn’t appear that this benefit is present in its current state.


Peloton could create its own fitness ecosystem

Along with the rower tease, Peloton also announced two new features for the Peloton app that could keep the brand at the epicenter of any workout. Invite a Friend will soon allow you to schedule workouts with your training companions right from your Peloton Bike, Tread and the app. With this update, you can coordinate your schedules and start classes at the same time.

Also featured was Just Work Out, a much-requested update. This new feature will soon allow you to track non-Peloton workouts like running or cycling in the Peloton app. According to the brand, these freeform workouts earn members credit for streaks, challenges, achievements and more.

These new features, combined with the upcoming rowing machine, ensure Peloton stays involved throughout your fitness journey, no matter when and how you exercise. This could be a good way to keep users engaged and target audiences outside of the class and program structure.

We don’t know when the Peloton rowing machine will go on sale – but we anticipate it will be 2022

The teaser video ends with the Peloton logo flashing with a simple “Coming Soon” message, with the official release date still up in the air. But if the brand follows the same lead time as the recently released Peloton Guide, we could expect the new rower to ship sometime this fall.

We don’t know (yet) how much the rowing machine will cost

Additionally, no price has been given for the upcoming Peloton rowing machine — but if expectations can be met, it could cost around $2,000 to rival other top-of-the-line home rowing machines.

While not the complete meal, this little taste of what Peloton has in store is enticing. Stay tuned for more as this new launch continues to grow.

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