Peloton rower notices seem within the code

(Pocket Lint) – Peloton’s drive to slowly colonize every part of the home fitness market appears to continue if the latest reports are correct. It looks like rowing machines will be one of the next big projects, according to the latest app updates.

The changes to the Peloton app under the hood were spotted by 9to5Google and have added a number of lines of text that can only be about using a rowing machine safely, including:

“This is the driving position of your loft. Sit upright on the rowing machine with your arms straight and your back straight. Your knees should be just above your ankles. “

That’s about as clear as it gets, and there are other hints that the app has scenic rides to walk you through the workout, much like Peloton’s bike does. That suggests the rower will have his own display if the other Peloton devices are some sort of guide.

from Chris Hall
August 23, 2021

However, we still have no official confirmation that all of this is true. So while it looks very likely, there could be a lot of time before something is announced or something actually hits the market.

Letter from Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published August 23, 2021.

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