Peloton (PTON): Subscription comeback value betting on

Joe Radle

Few companies have been as troubled this year as Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON). After spending much of the pandemic dealing with supply chain issues amid unprecedented demand, Peloton struggled with the opposite problem: slowing demand following COVID

Peloton Q3 Highlights (Peloton Q3 Shareholder Letter)

Peloton Subscription Margins (Peloton Q3 Shareholder Letter)

Peloton Adjusted EBITDA (Peloton Q3 Shareholder Letter)

Peloton Row (

In terms of Row, I think Tom Cortese and his team can be justifiably proud of reinventing the Row category just as they reinvented the bike category with Connected Fitness content. The good news and the bad news about Row relate to this fiscal year. We anticipate that inventory will be limited and they have more demand than we have units to sell and we are working to address these issues.

But, for now at least, it was quite well received critically. We have introduced it in all our showrooms since yesterday, in a limited number e.g. B. 16. And so I expect demand for Row will continue to grow as we increase people’s exposure and opportunity to try it and see what’s mass about it.”

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