Peloton New Characteristic: Customers can now create customized coaching calendars with scheduling performance

Another long-requested feature has been added to the Peloton app.

A new Schedule button has been added to classes. Tap that and you can add the class to your own training plan.

Classes can be scheduled up to 2 weeks in the future.

Based on my testing, it seems that you can mix and match as you like. For example, you can plan a 45-minute bike course and then take a yoga class. Below are some sample screenshots.

Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) notes that this feature is currently in beta.

Peloton Schedule Feature: Apple iPhone screenshots of the Peloton app

Tap the Schedule button to add a class to your own calendar

Choose a date and time for the next two weeks

Peloton Scheduling Feature - Create a custom calendar of training courses using the Peloton app

Confirmation screen of a planned class (45 min 80s Ride with Ally Love)

Peloton Scheduling Feature - Create a custom calendar of training courses using the Peloton app

Your schedule looks like this and can be easily updated if necessary

Peloton Scheduling Feature - Create a custom calendar of training courses using the Peloton app

Strong insider take

Peloton Schedule Feature - Thoughts of Clinton Stark (ClintTheMint)

Once again, Peloton is optimizing its app to plug small holes. With the addition of new features like skip intro, stacked classes, and now scheduling, the Peloton Bike and Tread keep improving over time. In a sense, these updates are similar to the OTA updates that Tesla sends to its electric vehicles. Of course, this is nothing new in the world of apps.

However, home fitness has generally been a slow industry to adopt technology. Very few devices in my local gym have been able to sync with a smartwatch or fitness tracker like the Apple Watch or Fitbit or anything else from Garmin. This is a significant oversight given the importance many of us place in tracking our workouts and health metrics such as heart rate trends and calorie expenditure over time. Peloton, on the other hand, focuses on technology.

Planning is practical. You can sit at your desk and when you find inspiration for a routine to do the next weekend, your schedule can be started right away. If you were like me in the past, you needed to drop yourself a quick sticky note or email as a reminder. It is not necessary now. A small but nice amenity.

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I should note that apparently this feature is only available for the Peloton iOS app – at least for now. In addition, the schedule function is not available on the bike or the profile itself. This makes sense because you should be using the schedule feature when planning future workouts, which you will likely do when you wake up on the couch or in bed in the morning, or at dinner the night before.

In the meantime, I hope Peloton can resolve its delivery problems in 2021 and get a bike or tread for those still waiting. I’ve had my peloton pandemic since March last year and can confirm the experience: it’s worth the wait.

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