Paul Hollywood Weight Loss: The Nice Britain Bake-Off Star Is Altering The Rock By Food plan And Train

Paul Hollywood is a very popular English celebrity chef and a longtime judge on The Great British Bake Off. He is currently on the screens for Paul Hollywood Eats…Mexico. He revealed how he shed his excess weight during the pandemic.

During the numerous nationwide lockdowns during the pandemic, many have comforted themselves with food and consequently gained weight.

The world stagnated as working from home became the norm and exercise was limited to outdoor activities.

The British baker revealed that, like many of us, he has gained weight during the first lockdown.

After that, he decided to change his lifestyle and impressively go one step further.

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But how exactly did he do it?

Paul lost “a little over” a stone with some marked diet and lifestyle changes.

He started exercising, namely walking and running, to burn calories and lose fat.

He also revealed that he “tinkered” a bit, suggesting odd jobs around the house helped him burn calories.


While this worked for Paul, slimmers should see a doctor if they want to start a weight loss diet.

Another secret to Paul’s weight loss was drinking two liters of water a day, which helps keep the body full and curbs mealtime boredom.

For those looking to try their hand at running like Paul Hollywood, Runner’s World offers some top tips for a safe and enjoyable workout.

It reads: “Is running good for losing weight? Definitely – possibly more than any other exercise due to the amount of calories it burns.”

The site encourages runners to eat healthily, push themselves without thinking, work toward that runner’s high, stay hydrated, and incorporate strength training into their exercise regimen.

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