Over 100 FBI Tapes Performed in ComEd Trial, However Protection Jury Claims They Will not Hear Laborious Proof of Bribery – Chicago Solar-Instances

  1. Over 100 FBI tapes will be played in the ComEd trial, but defense jurors say they won’t hear hard evidence of bribery, according to the Chicago Sun-Times
  2. ComEd 4 Trial Arguments: “Madigan Wanted, Defendants Gave” The Center Square
  3. ‘ComEd Four’ Trial: Opening Statements Heard by Crain’s Chicago Business
  4. Prosecutors say the ‘ComEd Four’ bribery conspiracy defendants carried out Madigan’s orders, while the defense says the behavior was legal lobbying, ‘a profession’ Chicago Tribune
  5. Opening statements begin in bribery trial “ComEd 4” CBS Chicago
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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