Ortz finds work-life steadiness information

SHIPPENVILLE – Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings once said, “The balancing act between motherhood and career and wife is something I don’t think I’ll ever get perfect, but I love the challenge. ”

Someone who also discovered the truth of Jennings’ words is Cortney Ortz, of New Bethlehem, a full-time mother of two who also shares a passion for fitness with her community.

Ortz, who works as senior business accounts manager at Advanced Disposal, said her job is to cold-call clients from a perspective to identify new business opportunities and secure sales.

“I help customers identify their waste transportation needs and determine which containers we offer that best meet their needs,” she said.

While it may seem unusual to imagine a mother choosing a career in waste disposal, this is by no means strange to Ortz. This is especially true as their job is in sales rather than day-to-day running of the facility.

“There are female drivers and drivers in our company and I give them credit,” she said of colleagues in the industry. “It’s not an easy task.”

Ortz noted, however, that her family was initially surprised when she first learned of her decision to take the job at Advanced Disposal in 2017.

“Once people understand that I’m in sales and not driving the truck, that seems to clear any confusion,” she said. “My family thought it was fun when I started working for Advanced Disposal because I drive around in my car with a hard hat, goggles, reflective vest and tape measure.”

Regarding her decision to move from a career in healthcare to garbage disposal, Ortz says she got the job pretty by chance.

“The position opened and I was excited to take on the challenge of learning a new industry,” she said of Advanced Disposal, which has offices in Shippenville, Brockway, Warren and State College and handles both household and commercial waste as well Recycling collection offers.

The change naturally meant that Ortz had to receive basic training and familiarize himself with how the company works and what the company offers.

“First, I had to take corporate safety training and a safe driving course,” she said. “I also had training to learn about my position, IT systems, and company policies and procedures.”

She reminded that part of the orientation was driving with the drivers to learn routes and the daily routine of garbage and recycling transport. She also toured the landfill and recycling facility the company uses.

While enjoying her career, Ortz said that she also has a passion for health and fitness, a part of her life that she has shared with the local community as a certified yoga teacher and fitness trainer.

“In my previous position, I was a senior community director and was certified to teach yoga and offer classes to my residents,” she said, noting that she also offered public classes at the local community center.

“Now I help people by coaching them through online accountability groups held in an app,” she continued. “They use home fitness programs and I help them stay on track.”

Just as yoga emphasizes the harmony between body, mind and soul, Ortz’s life is a balancing act between family, career and personal fulfillment.

“As a working mom, it’s important to find a good work-life balance,” she said. “If I plan my week and prepare in advance, I will be up to date both professionally and personally.”

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