One of the best exercise garments you should purchase proper now

It’s no secret that better exercise equipment leads to better performance. The best workout clothes can improve your game – whether it’s running, cross-training, weight lifting, or just easy (but brisk) walks around the block. But this simple truth is often forgotten as many beginners (and even advanced learners) still pull on an old t-shirt and everyday sneakers before they break a sweat.

The first benefit of fresh exercise equipment actually comes into play before you start exercising as new clothes actually motivate you to hit the gym (even if this is now your home fitness setup in your basement or garage) . And the psychological benefits continue once your workout starts, as most people put more effort into the effort with the right workout clothing.

In addition, of course, there are the technical advantages of premium performance clothing. Sweat-wicking abilities, a wider range of motion and better temperature control lead to fewer restrictions and higher potential. They also stay more comfortable, which is important to keep a workout through to the end (i.e. there are no chafing or sweat spots here).

So that you are properly equipped, we have put together the best workout clothing, including everything from shorts to shoes and compression tights. We have selected versatile, high quality pieces to work with a varied training program. There should be something for everyone, whether you want to cut the time on your daily run, upgrade your new garden workout, or train harder in the gym. Here’s what we’re buying right now.

Outdoor voices anytime 7 ″ short

Shorts are probably the most important part of your workout wardrobe. We think these Anytime Shorts from Outdoor Voices are up to the challenge. They’re made from a stretchy, lightweight nylon-spandex blend that can handle explosive movements or running (and the sweat that comes with it), while a built-in inner lining keeps everything secure while you move.

But the best thing about the Anytime shorts is their versatility (hence the name). There’s a good chance the shorts will become your favorite for hot weekends lounging and running errands, as well as exercising.

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Obtain: Outdoor voices anytime 7 at $ 58

Hoka One One Hupana

Finding a great pair of training shoes for everything is difficult as they should be able to handle everything from jogging to cross training to a little weight lifting. These Hoka Hupanas are probably your best bet. Sure, Hoka is famous for its chunky hardcore running shoes, but because of their slim design, the Hupanas can handle fitness workouts as well as serious running. The shoes are characterized by comfortable padding, a breathable synthetic upper and a simple, modern style.

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Obtain: Hoka One One Hupana at $ 114.95

Ten thousand compression short

Compression shorts are not only suitable for professional athletes. The Blood Flow Enhancers can improve anyone’s game even if you’re just doing a quick HIIT workout. Ideal for the non-pro athlete (so almost all of us), this pair from Ten Thousand offers moderate, comfortable compression.

The shorts are made from a luxurious Italian warp knitted fabric that wicks away sweat and keeps odors out, and a non-slip hem that prevents them from riding up. You also get the indispensable phone case, but this is made with sweat-proof material to prevent the well-known sweaty phone screen when you switch music while exercising.

Credit: Courtesy of Ten Thousand

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Credit: Courtesy of Ten Thousand

Courtesy of Ten Thousand

Obtain: Ten thousand compression short at $ 44.00

Ten thousand full-length pantyhose

If you want both compression and additional coverage, check out Ten Thousand again. The specifications of these tights are largely the same as Ten Thousand’s compression shorts, with a quick-drying, odor-resistant Italian knit, a comfortable waistband and a sweat-proof cell phone pocket.

But there are a few key differences between full-length tights and compression shorts – apart from the length, of course. The full-length tights have a three-layer pocket for your little things, so you can wear them without shorts. In addition, strategic ventilation zones keep the temperature down when your workout gets hot.

one person in a suit and tie: Credit: Courtesy Ten Thousand

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Credit: Courtesy of Ten Thousand

Courtesy of Ten Thousand

Obtain: Ten thousand full-length pantyhose at $ 78.00

Outdoor Voices Ready Set short sleeve

Lots of guys throw on a regular old cotton t-shirt when they go to the gym or run, but the truth is, a custom-made workout t-shirt is a serious upgrade (that ragged cotton t-shirt just absorbs sweat and smells). We like this one from Outdoor Voices because it is a great addition to your wardrobe basics but also offers some upgrades for training. It consists of a polyester-cotton blend, which is reflected in sweat-wicking properties and an airy feel. This is great for staying dry and comfortable while lifting weights, jogging, or just running errands.

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Obtain: Outdoor Voices Ready Set short sleeve at $ 48.00

Adidas owns the run jersey

Body heat can become uncomfortable when exercising, and if going shirtless isn’t an option, a good quality tank is your best bet. We like this Adidas singlet for such high temperature routines. It’s designed to feel like nothing, with an extra breathable, quick-drying construction made from recycled polyester. The tank also has reflective elements on the front and back for night running.

a person posing for the camera: Credit: Courtesy Adidas

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Courtesy of Adidas

Obtain: Adidas owns the run jersey at $ 30.00

Nike Therma men’s training hoodie

This Therma hoodie from Nike is your first line of defense against cold weather. And now that many of us are running outside and exercising in the garden or in a neighborhood park, high quality workouts are more important than ever. As the name suggests, the hoodie uses a soft thermal fabric to retain heat while keeping weight to a minimum. The warmth is increased thanks to a funnel neck and an adjustable scuba hood. The sweater is also available in different colors and adds style to any workout look.

a man in a suit and tie: Credit: Courtesy Amazon

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Obtain: Nike Therma men’s training hoodie at $ 50

Under Armor Men’s Project Rock Jacket

Another piece of exercise equipment that you should have handy is a good jacket. With the help of fitness icon Dwayne Johnson, Under Armor did it with this Project Rock track jacket.

The UA jacket with zipper checks all criteria for rain resistance, comfort, warmth and mobility. UA’s Storm technology repels water for exercise while running or outdoors (even if it’s raining), while stretchy inserts provide mobility when needed. On the inside there is a ColdGear lining, which absorbs and stores body heat and thus enables top performance in bad weather.

a person posing for the camera: Credit: Courtesy of Under Armor

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Courtesy of Under Armor

Obtain: Under Armor Men’s Project Rock Jacket at $ 120.00

Amazon Essentials Tech fleece hooded jacket with zipper

In the past few months, Amazon has expanded its activewear and athleisure range with a number of new product lines and offers. One of the best deals on Amazon activewear is this tech fleece zipper made of moisture-wicking material and a hood for extra comfort. Two deep pockets keep your hands warm outdoors and offer space for a mobile phone and wallet. Choose from more than a dozen colors and multiple sizes.

a man in uniform: Credit: Amazon

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Buy: Amazon Essentials Tech Fleece Hoody $ 33.50

Adidas padded 2 socks

If you get blisters after running and exercising, your socks – and not your shoes – could be the culprit. High-quality, sweat-wicking socks like these Adidas keep your feet dry, comfortable and far fewer blisters. In addition to the necessary sweat-wicking material, the socks offer sufficient cushioning in the footbed and arch support for better performance and a more comfortable training.

a close-up of a logo: Credit: Courtesy of Adidas

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Courtesy of Adidas

Obtain: Adidas padded 2 socks at $ 14.00

is Small Logo Black Mask


Our new reality means having a good face mask on hand when we are in the gym, running or hiking, repelling viruses on textiles up to 99.99%.

The mask comes with a replaceable nanofilter, which has three protective layers and at the same time remains super breathable. The “Eco Acqua Zero” technology helps repel water while moisture is transported from inside the mask to the top, where it eventually evaporates. What we like best is how silky smooth and gentle the mask feels against the skin, with a section of foam along the nose piece providing just the extra padding for a secure fit when you’re on the go.

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Obtain: Concept AR Black mask with a small logo at $ 29

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