Obtain President’s Day financial savings on devices from GE, Asus, Ring, Motorola, and extra

One of the great things about a holiday like Presidents’ Day is the randomness of everything. It’s not like Thanksgiving or July 4th or Christmas that comes with a lot of tradition and expectation. Presidents Day is … just a day off from work, isn’t it?

One of the best things about the randomness of Presidents’ Day, of course, is the plethora of sales from retailers. Without a central Presidents’ Day theme beyond presidents, sellers can spin their Christmas sales in any number of directions, which for us consumers often means a lot of cool things at low prices.

Like great gadgets. Check out deals now on over 20 well-kept technical items for the home and workplace, now on sale at an additional 15% discount. Just enter the code PREZ2021 when you make your purchase.

Under $ 50

LectroSound Sleep and Relax Soothing Noise Machine – $ 13.59 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 39

This white noise producer not only masks sounds that may prevent you from falling asleep, but the sound also promotes better rest and relaxation during sleep. And did you know that there is more than just white noise? This device provides sound spectra from the entire color wheel, including pink and brown noise areas.

EarFun Go 24hr Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – $ 33.96 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 49

This speaker, who won 2 CES 2020 Innovation Awards, is a boomer. Powered by 12W drivers, this speaker delivers deep, immersive stereo sound with enhanced bass. It connects wirelessly up to 100 feet. In addition to having a battery that runs for a full day, it’s also completely waterproof.

Motorola FOCUS89 Full HD WiFi Indoor Camera – $ 36.51 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 49

With this indoor surveillance camera, you can see everything … and we mean everything. With the 360-degree pan, you can take a look at an entire area of ​​your house from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Color PAR30 Spot Smart Light Bulb – $ 36.54 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 59

Choose your color, choose your light intensity – everything is customizable with this smart light bulb. With literally millions of color options and up to 900 lumens of brightness all controlled via Bluetooth, you’ll have a hard time picking the best feature, including a 20 year lifespan and five times more efficient than other lamps to make money save up.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for Nintendo Switch – $ 36.54 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 49

It’s like a sound mixer for your switch. With this plugin, players can not only hear game audio, but also connect with other players via voice chat at the same time. You control the noise levels for a great multiplayer experience that also works with a TV, smartphone and other Bluetooth devices.

Under $ 100

Hudly Invisible Wireless Charger – $ 59.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 99

With this wireless charger on the underside of your desk or table, this piece of furniture instantly becomes your own WiFi hotspot. Qi-compatible fast charging can turn on Android phones, iPhones, iPads, smartwatches, batteries and more without taking up any space on your surface using cables and pads and other junk.

Apple Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – $ 66.29 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 129

As TechRadar says, these solidly built headphones from the Beats by Dre line do “many things right”. With an upgraded ergonomic design that creates clear, dynamic sound with acoustics from two riders, you’ll also be impressed with the 12-hour battery life, 5-minute quick fuel recharge feature, and secure-fit ear hook to maximize comfort and stability.

TicWatch Sport Smartwatch with Google Assistant – $ 67.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 99

The TicWatch was developed by the manufacturer Mobvai as a one-stop home fitness center on the wrist and offers all the functions that an active user needs. All functions are supported by the Google ecosystem. It offers everything from a distance tracker and step counter to a heart rate monitor to the possibility of receiving personalized coaching tips.

Asus T-Mobile Unlocked Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router (New, Open Box) – $ 67.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 129

WiFi is now the center of everyone’s home entertainment – and Asus is one of the longtime router kings that offers top speed, range and security. This router supports dual-band data rates of up to 1900 Mbit / s, three times faster than standard routers, in order to pull a robust, extensive web network over your entire home.

TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Headphones – $ 76.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 107

Sony quality – and a branded price without a name. These headphones are built with a Sony digital noise canceling chip that cuts out ambient noise without compromising your safety by cutting off all noise from the outside world. Designed to sound amazing when plugged in or wirelessly, they fold up quickly for easy portability.

KeySmart Max Key Holder – $ 76.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 119

The KeySmart Max can easily attach up to 14 keys in a compact housing made of titanium and stainless steel. Or you can use multi-tool attachments that can be easily slipped into a pocket without bumping and bumping. Add the built-in flashlight and tile tracking so you can find lost keys on a card and your key maintenance may be complete for a long time.

GE C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light – $ 76.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 199

It looks like the space age, but there’s more going on with the Sol than its futuristic look. This light actually supports your natural circadian sleep rhythm with its automated functions for adjusting the light color temperature. And did we mention that it will be the first lighting product in the industry to integrate Amazon Alexa?

BentoStack PowerHub 5000 – $ 84.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 159

The PowerHub brings all of your power needs into one ultra-compact, extremely portable package. You can switch on devices using the integrated 5,000 mAh power bank with certified Qi wireless charging or connect them directly using the eight supplied connections. It even has three storage spaces for cables, connectors, and everything else you need to keep your devices running at all times.

Over $ 100

Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch – $ 101.14 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 119

Here’s a watch band that is almost as cool as the watch itself. Synced with the Apple Watch, the aura band measures body fat, muscle mass, minerals and body water, so you always know exactly how your body reacts to an exercise. And if you need some moisture, this smart tape will tell you too.

Aduro U-Stream Executive Home Streaming Studio – $ 101.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 299

Everything you need to convert your video conference to YouTube videos and convert live streams into studio quality productions is included in this package. Together with the holders for up to three separate smartphones, the adjustable tripod is up to 4 feet high, while the 18-inch ring light offers the color options white, warm yellow and warm white with 10 different brightness levels, the mood you want.

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector – $ 144.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 249

The V600 offers true HD 1080p picture quality at a significantly un-1080p resolution price. This projector offers a maximum screen size of up to 25 feet in diameter and provides an image that is three times sharper and more detailed than traditional 720p projectors, even in less than perfect lighting conditions.

Roybi Educational AI Robot Toy – $ 159.79 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 299

Don’t be fooled by its adorable exterior – the Roybi is possibly the most nifty robot friend and personal tutor your child will ever have. Roybi connects via WiFi and offers kids over 500 age-appropriate lessons designed by experts and certified teachers in 70 different categories. And Roybi knows your child too and measures their development and even their emotional cues to be part friend, part teacher and everything amazing.

Great 1080p HD Pocket Projector – $ 169.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 799

This mini projector isn’t that small when it comes to performance. It casts a light that is four times brighter than comparable portable projectors. The Prima can also connect directly to the Google Play Store, so you can view cinema-quality images up to 200 inches in diameter while streaming straight through the device.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 – $ 169.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 199

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – $ 191.24 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 249

Everyone knows Ring now. Video door ringtones give you full control of your porch as the 1080p HD camera and motion sensors allow you to see and capture everything that is approaching your door even at night. Add the two-way audio and it’s a great alarm system to use from virtually anywhere through the Ring app.

You can opt for the feature-rich doorbell 3 or the smaller, thinner Pro, which also allows you to create your own custom movement zones for more targeted surveillance.

Mobile Pixel Trio Dual Screen Portable Laptop Monitor – $ 220.15 with code PREZ2021; originally $ 259

The Trio will charge your laptop. By connecting up to two more of these compact trio monitors, you can set up a triple monitor array to increase your productivity and keep an eye on everything from your laptop. Or rotate it up to 270 degrees to use it as a fantastic monitor for presentations or just to show friends a fun video.

Subject to price changes.

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