Nutritionist shares 7 wholesome and efficient methods to curb sugar cravings

Weight Loss: Limit candy eating to birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations


  • Drink adequate water and stay well hydrated to satisfy sugar cravings
  • Make sure that your diet is high in protein and fiber
  • Always have your main meals

Weight Loss: Sugar cravings are always the hardest part of giving up. Stress, a bad mood, or even general boredom can all lead to craving for sugary foods and desserts. It can be a big battle for people on a weight loss diet since sugar is nothing but empty calories. It has no nutritional value and adds tremendously to your daily caloric intake and can also lead to your blood sugar levels. Mindfully satisfying sugar cravings by practicing portion control and eating homemade sweets (instead of cakes, pastries, and donuts) can be a great way to deal with food cravings.

Healthy and effective ways to combat sugar cravings

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra recently shared health tips on Facebook that can help prevent food cravings and manage them effectively. “Sugar cravings are the number one challenge to weight loss diets success. While some of the causes are micronutrient deficiency, stress, or simply being ubiquitous, there are some simple but effective ways to turn them off,” says Malhotra.

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Here are the tips she suggests to keep sugar cravings off:

1. Drink enough water and stay well hydrated. Dehydration can be one of the many causes of sugar cravings, says the Delhi-based nutritionist.

2. When you feel the urge to eat, take a fruit or dried fruit such as fids, dried apricots, raisins, or dates. They are all healthy alternatives to deal with food cravings.

3. Always have fennel seeds (Saunf), a mouth freshener and the like ready. You can satisfy your sugar cravings.

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4. Always have your main meals. Make sure that your snacks are never too heavy during the meal to satisfy the appetite for your main meals. According to Malhotra, starvation at the time of main meals can lead to uncontrollable sugar cravings.


Never starve to death during main meals
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5. Make sure that your diet is high in fiber and protein. These nutrients ensure satiety and also help effectively curb cravings.

6. Keep your intake of refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, and other sugary foods to a minimum.

7. Practice portion control. Even if you give in to cravings, make sure that you only eat a small bite or eat just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Limit your intake to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

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(Pooja Malhotra is a nutritionist and lives in Delhi.)

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