Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Reveals three Details About Weight Loss

With the ongoing pandemic and the extra weight we’ve all gained, everyone is talking about weight loss. While eating healthy and exercising are two key components to shedding extra pounds, a few simple tricks and tips can make your journey faster.

Prominent nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently posted 3 body weight facts on her social media that can surely help you lose weight.

Through the video, Rujuta is conveying to her followers that body weight is often mistaken for a measure of fitness level and the concentration of body fat they are holding. Here are the three important facts she revealed about body weight.

It is not an indicator of obesity or fitness

Body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress and many people confuse it as an indicator of their fat or general fitness level. Rujuta says that if you don’t see the scales come down, don’t be discouraged because the change in body composition doesn’t depend solely on body weight.

The body weight is made up of the weight of your muscles, the fat, bone and water content in the body. Therefore, what you see on the scale is not an accurate picture of your fitness level or obesity.

Your weight will vary with the time of day and age

It is completely normal for your body weight to fluctuate by a few grams or even kilograms within a day. This fluctuation is caused by the shift in the water content in your body and the amount of fluid you consume from morning to night. Other factors influencing this shift are sweating, breathing, urination, meal times, and bowel movements. Your body weight will be a little lower in the morning than it was at night.

You can stay fit and healthy regardless of your body weight

The nutritionist emphasizes that you can be fit and healthy regardless of your body weight. Just remember that your overall health should be okay. Your body movement should be functional and your energy should be sufficient to sail through the day. Eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising regularly can help you stay healthy and fit without worrying about your body weight.

Although some fluctuation in body weight is normal, if you notice any significant increase or decrease you should see a doctor

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