Nursing Houses in Louisiana: State Licenses of seven Amenities Serving Sufferers Earlier than Hurricane Ida. evacuated to a warehouse

More than 800 residents from seven nursing homes in southeast Louisiana had been moved to the warehouse in the city of Independence – about 55 miles east of Baton Rouge – before the storm.

Several family members representing residents of nursing homes being sent to the warehouse filed a class action lawsuit against the seven nursing homes the residents were relocated from and their executives. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief and damages on behalf of residents, claiming they have endured “appalling and inhumane conditions”.

CNN has received logs of 61 calls from the warehouse to 911 operators. At least 30 of the calls asked for help with pre- and post-landfall medical episodes, including calls for seizures, respiratory failure, and a case where a caller said a diabetic needed transportation because he “hadn’t eaten because he had run out of anything.” “. Deliveries. “

“Let’s be clear: there is no contingency plan that will keep residents in such an unsafe, unsanitary, and unhealthy state,” said Stephen Russo, director of legal, auditing and regulatory affairs for the Department of Health, on Tuesday. “The lack of adequate care for these residents is inhumane and against rules, regulations and applicable laws.”

Inspectors were sent to the warehouse on Aug. 31 but were expelled and prevented from making a full assessment, the health department said.

By September 2, all residents were removed and sent to other locations, including special-needs medical facilities, officials said due to concerns about the conditions.

The seven facilities that have had their licenses revoked cannot bring back or take in residents, officials said. The homes had also terminated their Medicaid supply contracts, the health department said.

The attorney general announced an investigation last week into how residents got into the warehouse.

Nursing homes are located in four communities in SE Louisiana

According to the health department, the nursing homes that have had their approval withdrawn are:

• Nursing and Rehabilitation River Palms, Orléans Parish

• Maison Orleans Health Center, Parish

• Park Place Nursing Home, Jefferson Parish

• West Jefferson Health Center, Jefferson Parish

• Harvey Maison Deville Nursing Home, Jefferson Parish

• Nursing and Rehabilitation in South Lafourche, Lafourche Parish

• Maison De Ville nursing home, Terrebonne parish

CNN asked for comment from the seven institutions but did not receive an immediate response.

A CNN review of business licenses found that Baton Rouge’s Bob Dean Jr. is listed as an officer for all seven care facilities next to the warehouse.

When asked about the warehouse by CNN subsidiary WVUE, Dean said, “We only had five deaths in six days and typically for 850 people you have a few a day so we looked after them really well. “

In the class action lawsuit against the care facilities and the dean, family members of residents allege that the defendants “intentionally misrepresented the actual evacuation plan by choosing not to inform family members of the proposed evacuation or to tell them where the residents were being taken”. In this case, the plaintiffs are calling for a jury trial.

CNN tried reaching Dean and Bob Dean Enterprises Inc. for comment.

Meanwhile, the city police chief said that it appeared the operators were struggling to meet patient needs and the facility was struggling to maintain power, and the attorney general said his office’s investigation was on it focus will be on who sent patients to the “apparently unsafe and potentially unsuitable facility” “.

Five of the seven deaths were classified as storm-related, the state’s health department said in a recent press release.

CNN’s Paul P. Murphy, Nicole Williams and Steve Almasy contributed to this report.

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