Not a single New 12 months’s decision

New Year’s Eve is behind us and I’m happy to report that I haven’t made a single resolution. Why put yourself under so much pressure? I mean it’s a nice idea, but the probability of changing or achieving something doesn’t have to have a specific start date. I need to “change” enough in my life…without the benefit of celebration.

There seems to be a weekly meal, usually one of my favorite dishes, that I have to give up. Thanks to my three year battle with constant stomach problems; my latest indigestible food has become roast beef. The boldness…it’s one of my most treasured meats. So since the traditional requirement for us is to give something up, there is mine.

Since I’m feeling worse and worse from all the prescriptions, I’ve decided to delve into the art of home remedies and holistic medicine. From onion water to fermented garlic and honey; My goal is to educate myself in the old ways. So when a wart grows on my nose, I turn green and start cackling on my flying broomstick; Take care of yourself ’cause I’m trying to stay alive over here. There is my ‘learn something new’ for 2023.

In attempting to learn the ways of the earth; About Tik Tok, I’ve discovered interesting woody facts from equally reliable and unreliable (depending on the whistleblower) sources. In this self-help journey, I’ve somehow managed to garner twenty-four thousand (and growing) followers. I actually started sharing some of my silly but true stories there. So although I’ve never been able to publish a book; I discovered a different kind of platform; to share my down-to-earth, goofy, humorously unfortunate insanity. I’ve always dreamed of publishing a book, but that’ll have to do. So that’s my “goal” for the new year.

And there you have it. Three resolutions I didn’t ask for… but crept into my world anyway. I made three resolutions for years without success; feeling overwhelmed and disappointed by each failed outcome. Life had a different plan all along. All I had to do was accept it; the good and the bad. Enjoy the good and learn from the bad.

Happy New Year, friends! I wish you all a year full of fulfilled resolutions; whether you made them or not.

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