NC girl is working to protect the artwork of storytelling

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Miss Alice Cunningham loves living her life like the good old days.

What you need to know

Miss Alice Cunningham has a restaurant in Winston-Salem that specializes in tea parties and storytelling

She has a passion for old fashioned storytelling about stories from the good old days and loves to share them

She is a member of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild and works to preserve the art form

She has tons of clothes that remind her what it was like to dress in the 1950s she grew up in. She wears these clothes more often than you would expect.

“My mother was a school teacher,” she said. “We had to have good manners and grammar, and we were taken to church. And all of these things have contributed to my being today. “

She is a true storyteller and has always had a passion for telling stories about how life used to be.

“We all have an interesting story to tell. I grew up in a small town in Georgia and then my family moved to Marietta, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, when I was in fifth grade, ”she said. “So everyone has a story to tell, and it doesn’t have to be something phenomenal about living in France or Haiti, you know, just tell about your experiences.”

Cunningham started her Alice’s Place business out of her passion for spinning yarn and started a tea party shop for young girls about 25 years ago and added an aspect of storytelling about 10 years ago.

“My story is just, you know, a small town in the US that grew up and has a mother, a grandmother who taught me how to sew when I was 5, and things like that. And how I developed in terms of fashion and how it led to what I do now. “

She writes about what it was like to grow up in the 1950s.

“Your story begins at home, and it is true,” said Cunningham.

She believes anything can make a good story, even some of the simplest things in life. She starts a good story by taking her audience back in time.

“I don’t know if you all remember, but we didn’t go to the doctor. We didn’t have the money to start with, so your mom used to use home remedies, ”she said of easier times.

Miss Alice Cunningham spoils her tea party guests with stories from days gone by. Spectrum news 1

She said these stories bring back memories of another time – a time easily forgotten in the mix of the hustle and bustle of today’s life. Cunningham believes younger generations can learn from the lifestyle they loved.

“It’s just good to keep the stories alive and remind us that times were gentler, and I think people in our generation appreciate that, and I think the younger generation can learn from us and say, ‘Oh, the family actually sat.’ Table without a TV, ‘”she said.

She also believes that there is strong power to listen to someone and give them face-to-face attention without the technology getting in the way.

“I am so saddened to see how hypnotized and hypnotized the people are, there are all kinds of words to use that they cannot get away from their phones. It’s really sad, “she said.

She plans to keep the art of storytelling alive for as long as possible.

“I intend to do it while the Lord is giving me breath to enjoy entertainment, and hospitality is one of my gifts. Hospitality is one of my gifts, ”said Cunningham.

Cunningham is also part of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild and guild members will perform at the Old North State Storytelling Festival in Cary November 5-6. Ticket sales start on September 1st.

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