Nascar fan Eric Webler is strolling the Watkins Glen Worldwide path as a part of his weight reduction purpose

WATKINS GLEN (WETM) – Avid NASCAR fan Eric Webler walks the Cayuga Health Trail to stay on track with his weight loss goal.

Eric Webler used his social media to get support from Nascar fans as they guide him in his quest to burn calories and stay on track.

“I just put something together, dumped it on my phone on Twitter, and it exploded and it reached the right people,” said Eric Webler, a Nascar fan.

Nascar supported Webler as he walked the Cayuga Health Trail to help him stay on track at Watkins Glen International while achieving his goal.

“I want to lose 200 pounds, that’s the ultimate goal, but I’m trying to take it slow, I’ve seen it tense. I’m losing a lot, so when I get to 300 I’ll be restarting my 10th skydive because that would be a full 100 pounds by the time I hit 300, “said Webler

More than a destination, Webler’s weight loss journey is a movement that motivated NASCAR driver Brad Perez to go the way.

Eric Webler and Nascar driver Brad Perez on the Cayuga Health Trail

“So much help and support in everything is very important to achieving your goal and so I want to make sure that I have done everything in my power to help Eric achieve his goal, obviously he has a lot for him Done yourself, but it’s like, you can ‘go wrong with no encouragement, ”said Brad Perez, Nascar driver

Webler has run a mile with fellow NASCAR fans and now plans to make his movement an annual event.

“As long as everyone is cool when I get out, I’m cool to walk, you know, anywhere I’ll be happy to come here and go to Watkins Glen again. Hopefully I’ll get on the track here, you know, you’ll come over next year, ”said Webler

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