Narkyia is unrecognizable after dropping 100 kilos of weight

Narkyia and Lowo showed their turbulent relationship in the 90-day fiancé season 4. Not only are they still together, Narkyia has also shone.

Narkyia Lathan and Olulowo “Lowo” Shodipe reappeared 90 days fiance Season 4 and perhaps best remembered because Narkyia Lowo slapped her ice cream cone in the face after he was caught lying. Although many expected the tumultuous couple to split up because of Lowo’s long lies, the couple are actually still together after all this time. Not only do they share a child and a successful marriage, but Narkyia thrives in her own right too. The mom recently announced that she lost over 100 pounds to reveal a slim and slender figure that makes her proud.

The couple first met at an online dating service for oversized women. However, Lowo complicated things by lying to Narkyia about where he lived. She was also furious to discover that he had also lied, that his child’s mother was dead and that he was still talking to her. Amazingly, after a breakup, the couple got back together and got married. Lowo, a Nigerian, joined his new wife in the United States, where Narkyia gave birth to their first child last year. While many fans expected the tumultuous couple to break up for good over Lowo’s lies, it turns out they’re better off than ever. However, Narkyia has also found happiness herself getting her body in shape since appearing on the hit TLC show.

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Reddit users recently took notice of Narkiya’s shocking weight loss, and a quick look at her Instagram account confirms her amazing success. The couple seem to have built a beautiful life with their young daughter. Narkyia gave birth to Nifemi Denise Shodipe on August 26, 2020. The birth did not affect the mother’s fitness, however, as Narkyia is committed to getting her postpartum body in shape. Last month, she shared some exciting news on her Instagram when she posted before and after pictures of her body. “I’ve come a long way and I still have a long way to go. On the left I looked old, was tired all the time and pretended to be absolutely confident and good with my weight,” she wrote. “I’m on the right only 3 weeks after my #panniculectomy, I’m swollen, still have my drains and I’m in pain, but in spite of everything, I’m so much happier than the girl on the left! No turning back.” You can see Narkiya’s weight loss post below:

The fans were stunned by the shocking weight loss. Many rushed to congratulate her on her success. “You look so good!” One fan wrote when another choir showered her with similar compliments. For fans who aren’t aware of this, the panniculectomy surgery that Narkyia performed is a process of removing excess skin and tissue from the lower abdomen after a drastic weight loss. Unlike tummy tuck, it is not considered a cosmetic procedure. Narkiya seems very pleased with the results when she recently took a photo of herself titled “Finally Feeling Like Myself”. “

Many previous cast members updated their looks after appearing on the show. Angela Deem is one of the most famous actresses who has experienced significant weight loss. Fans were impressed with Angela’s well-documented weight loss journey. They were also positive about Nakiya’s journey to health and are amazed at its impressive results. Even though Narkyia is one of the more reluctant 90-day fiancés, fans are nonetheless thrilled that she is thriving.

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Source: Narkyia Lathan-Shodipe / Instagram

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