Murdaugh Moselle property sells for giant bucks as consumers flock to South Carolina public sale – Fox Information

  1. Murdaugh Moselle estate items are selling for big bucks as buyers descend on the Fox News auction in South Carolina
  2. “Insane purchase” on the Murdaugh estate as mounted antlers sell for $10,000, among others, according to CNN
  3. People from across the region are flocking to the Georgia auction house to own a piece of Murdaugh estate Yahoo News
  4. Murdaugh murdered crime scene Moselle officially sold. Who earns money? Greenville News
  5. $400 for a cup? $30,000 for furniture? Here’s a look at what was sold during the Murdaugh Estate Auction WJCL News Savannah
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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