Mover & Shaker: Kraft, Panera, Molson Coors, Nordstrom and extra

In the pitch room

Known was appointed the Agency for Records for mirror, Lululemon’s interactive home fitness brand.

GlueIQ will lead the strategic and creative vision for the online travel platform Flugy, including a product launch campaign.

Agency news

The influencer agency and Six Star Pro Nutrition signed the first NIL deal in history with student athletes.

Tribeca company acquired Creative Brand Studio M ss from P ezes.

Tito Melega and Ricardo “Brad ‘Correia” started HUSTLE, a cloud-based creative collective with more than 120 employees from 24 countries. Hustle is dedicated to recruiting Black, Female, Hispanic, and LGBTQ + talent.

McCann World Group created a sustainability department under the direction of McCann London’s Director of Business Leadership, Jaclyn Kaminski, in the new role of Global Director of Sustainability.

BC partner acquired a majority stake in the digital services agency Valtech SE, valued at $ 1.4 billion.

Media buying and planning agency Media class, led by CEO and founder Marilois snowman and former Havas / Horizon manager Jenna Umbrianna, will now focus on technology, including machine learning and data-driven media solutions.

Antisocial Solutions launched a new global media buying and planning service based in Vancouver under the direction of the director of media, Kristin Oliveira-Barnes.

Verve group acquired digital ad tech platform Smaatothrough a subsidiary of its parent company Media and Games Invest SE (MGI).

On road

Instacart hired Facebook app boss Fiji Simo as the new CEO.

Sara Correa takes over as CMO of Bridge stone after the retirement of Philip Dobbs and technology giant Qualcomm appointed Don McGuire as SVP and CMO.

Head of Marketing at FOX Darren Schillace was promoted to President of Marketing for FOX entertainment.

Bakery chain Sprinkles promoted Michelle Wong to the Chief Marketing Officer.

FCB appointed three executives at FCB / SIX Canada: Priyanka Goswami, SVP, General Manager, 1: 1 Practice Manager; Rob Sturch, executive creative director; and Grace McCann, SVP Operations and Agency Development.

Dentsu tapped Doug Ray as global chief product officer for media.

The community promoted Marc Müller to the US presidents US and Luis Montero. But 22 square poached the community’s Shobha Sairam as the new Chief Strategy Officer.

mother tapped Micheline Grace Lewis as Chief People Officer.

Lucia Grillo joined DDB North America as integration officer.

Data axis appointed Alicia Mickelson as VP Marketing.

Hunter Tura has been appointed CEO of the Retail Branding Agency Syndicate Sub Rosa.

Creative agency ONWD collective called John Forté Head of Brand Development.

CreatorIQ, an influencer marketing platform, tapped Bethany Ellis as Chief People Officer.

The marketing arm appointed Harris Wilkinson to the creative director.

Pex tapped Kirstine Stewart, Twitter’s former VP of Media in North America, as Chief Revenue Officer.

LATAM-based crypto platform Surnamerented Jose Molina as VP and head of the Bitso Creative Lab.

Brand agency Good looking hired veterinarian from Arnold Worldwide Stephanie Maillet as the head of the people.

Cramer rattles tapped Ogilvys Amy Gozalka as Group Creative Director to manage the agency’s PepsiCo accounts.

Friends called Katherine Strieder Global Chief Product Officer.

Innovid called Dominic Satur as VP for global brand partnerships.

Data company fifty-five, Part of You & Mr Jones, promoted to pro Robin Clayton as managing director and appointed Alicia Arnold as managing director.

Brand buzz

Popeyes added chicken nuggets to his menu and nacho fries returned to Taco Bell.

Brooklyn ice cream maker Van Leeuwen and Kraft Heinz introduced mac and cheese flavored ice cream.

Molson Coors discontinues its Seltzer line Coors Seltzer.

Clubhouse launched a DM function called Backchannel.

Panera launched a limited swimsuit collection with one-piece swimsuits with soup motifs, swim trunks and a bread bowl swimming pool.

Nordstrom signed a contract with an online clothing retailer Asos to sell Topshop Clothes in US stores.

United Asks customers to choose which flavor White Claw the airline should serve on board. Fans can vote by sharing photos of their favorite flavor on Instagram and Twitter and tagging @united or commenting on United’s TikTok.

Crayola and OceanX, a global non-profit organization focused on ocean exploration, has co-branded immersive experiences, products and educational content such as the Crayola Experience Home Adventure Kit Ocean Edition and OceanX Adoption of the Crayola Experience family attractions .

McCormick is looking for a director of taco relations. The position includes a $ 100,000 paycheck, delivery of McCormick Taco Seasoning, and other McCormick products. Your job will include keeping an eye on the latest taco trends, creating and testing recipes, and posting about tacos on social media. Fans can apply by July 31st by submitting a creative video about their passion for tacos on McCormick’s website.

Bowling asked gummy bear lovers to sign the “Squish the Rainbow” pledge to support all gummy bears and help celebrate National Gummy Day on July 15th without getting eaten.

Skittles gave a winner enough Skittles gummies to crush with friends year round.


Shutterstock Partnership with non-profit organization for LGBTQ + youth It gets better and launched a $ 10,000 grant to provide financial and professional support to LGBTQ + creators.

Tick ​​tock and Main Street America are hosting the “Small Biz Block Party”, a virtual workshop series of 20 events from August 5th, aimed at helping small businesses grow. All events are free and open to anyone who works in a small business or owns a small business.

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