Motion Bronson Achieves Milestone Weight Loss Aim; Joe Rogan & others present assist

The New York rapper has worked hard on his weight loss.

Action Bronson has lived in the gym since the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to do it. For some, months of hiding at home allowed them to make important lifestyle changes, which Bronson did. According to an interview with Men’s Health about his weight loss transformation, he started his journey at around 400 pounds in March 2020.

Now, a recent post shared on his Instagram account has shown that the rapper has hit an astonishing milestone weight of 240 pounds, a whopping 160 pounds less than his initial starting goal. Many prominent friends left supportive comments below the post for his further journey.

In the video, Bronson rightly flexes his altered physique, which includes more defined arms and a well rounded chest and figure compared to where he began his weight loss journey. His caption jokingly makes it clear that he’s preparing his body for his first concert since the pandemic shutdowns.


“My brother, you look damn fantastic! Such an inspiration to people to see that incredible things are possible when you get involved and use your discipline. I’m incredibly impressed !!! ”Podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan commented and showed his support for Bronson’s further journey.

Other celebrities like DJ Premier and Dana White commented on emojis of support. Head Chef Ming Tsai commented, “Impressive action. When we cooked together at the Blue Dragon you were huge, probably over 350! .. “In addition to making music, Action has also tried his hand at the culinary world, creating shows around his culinary adventures and even published a book that focuses on his culinary experiences.

While this is just his latest post documenting his journey towards weight loss – and having achieved a very prominent number in the process – Bronson hasn’t shied away from consistently sharing his workouts on his Instagram page. He usually prioritizes HIIT workouts in combination with weight lifting and maintains a healthy balance between constant exercise and building his physique. Check out some of his training videos below.

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