Monsoon Illnesses: Tricks to Defend Towards Covid-19

The second wave of Covid-19 has subsided in most of India. The country faced various challenges during this period, including a shortage of oxygen supplies and a massive increase in the number of cases. As we come to terms with this, the monsoon season has begun in most parts, which also brings a flurry of diseases – bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, additional measures must be taken to ensure protection against these and Covid-19.

“Certain simple precautions can help us protect ourselves and our families from these diseases, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. It is also important to remember that the symptoms of these seasonal infections can mimic those of Covid-19 and therefore one must be vigilant. Covid-19 is transmitted through droplets and air. The monsoon therefore provides a short break from an increase in infections. This period should therefore be used to ensure that preventive measures are in place and that we are building immunity. ” Vishal Sehgal, President, Medical Services, Portea Medical.

Let’s take a look at the precautions.

Protection against mosquitoes

All water coolers, tanks and rooms on the patios and balconies must be checked to prevent the accumulation of standing water. In addition, it is important to wear full-sleeved clothes and pants when going out, especially in the evening. The use of mosquito repellants and nets is also essential. Also, fumigate the house wherever possible to get rid of mosquitoes and vermin.

Personal hygiene

After returning from the outdoors, it is important to take a bath to wash away any germs that may have accumulated on the skin and to protect you from disease. Our hands are the focus when it comes to personal hygiene and disease prevention. It is important to wash them thoroughly and frequently with soap and water, especially before eating or after using the washroom. Sneezing or coughing without covering your face is another harmful practice that should be avoided completely.

Social distancing

With the reopening, most of us have started using public transport to get to work and also going to the market to buy essentials. It is imperative to take various precautionary measures, such as keeping your distance without covering your mouth, in people who have symptoms of the disease or have a cough. Face masks are essential when you leave your home. People with weaker immunity, children and the elderly should avoid visiting crowded places.

Food and water hygiene

Adequate food and water hygiene must also be ensured at home. Avoid eating roadside food and try to eat fresh, homemade meals as much as possible. Bringing your own water bottles etc. is recommended, as is drinking purified or boiled water. Eating immune-boosting and seasonal foods is a great way to stay healthy during the rainy season.

Protect the airways

Airborne infections can affect the airways and certain home remedies can be beneficial. You should drink water that is as warm as possible and inhale steam once a day. Make sure you also practice yoga and certain breathing exercises like pranayama.

“Although the COVID-19 wave has subsided and the unlocking is taking place gradually, we need to keep an eye on ourselves and stay at home. There is also a need to protect ourselves twice, especially since rain also brings with it several diseases. By following certain basic hygiene and safety measures, it is possible to enjoy the monsoon rains without disease, ”he said.

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