Mom and youngsters drink their very own urine to treatment Covid Mom and youngsters drink urine for 4 days after watching a faux COVID therapeutic video on WhatsApp

Mom and kids drink their own urine thinking it’s a cure for COVID.

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started and people are still falling victim to fake and unverified home remedies.

Although vaccination campaigns have begun in many countries, people in various places are taking strange measures and trying bizarre means to fight the virus. Some of them have no logical explanation at all.

This new case from London is awesome when it comes to following outrageous recommendations on the “COVID cure”.

A mother and her children reportedly drank urine for four days after seeing a fake message.

The family fell victim to some fake videos broadcast by a friend or relative, the mother told Healthwatch Central West London (HCWL) investigators.

“Some of the videos she received discussed drinking her own urine every morning to cure Covid-19. She and her children did that for four days (drank urine),” the HCWL said Report.

The mother told investigators that in the videos she received, “drink your own urine every morning to cure Covid-19”.

Olivia Clymer, CEO of Healthwatch Central West London, said counterfeit cures are an issue that needs to be highlighted and addressed.

“We have been told of a stigma linked to coronavirus contagion, as well as the bogus agents and conspiracies exchanged on WhatsApp. Coupled with the lack of trust in ‘official’ information channels, this is a problem that has been highlighted and needs to be addressed. ” She said.

“This information often points to incorrect, alternative treatments that have no scientific and empirical background,” she added.

Last year, Luke Williamson of Patchway, Bristol drank 5 liters of water every day to protect himself from COVID-19. Because of this, he suffered from an illness that we explained earlier in this copy.

The 34-year-old went to the doctor after feeling like he was suffering from COVID-19. He was advised to drink 2 liters of water every day. But Williamson went further than recommended and started consuming 5 liters every day.

As a result, his sodium levels dropped dangerously low and one day he collapsed. Fortunately, his wife Laura responded quickly and called an ambulance.

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