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o Farah is a household name.

After securing his first Olympic gold medal at the London 2012 Games, the long-distance runner captured the hearts of the nation. He now has 10 gold medals in global championships – making him the most successful male 5000m and 10,000m track runner in history.

His status as a sporting legend and British national treasure earned him a CBE in 2013 and a knighthood for services to athletics in 2017.

To hold such titles, we can bet his training regime is relentless, to say the least. It’s no surprise, then, that Mo Farah has been announced as the brand ambassador for Huawei’s new smartwatch, the GT3 Pro (read our review here). With a full suite of fitness features, including a smart run planning feature that lets you create personalized workout plans, this watch was built for the fitness fanatic.

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We caught up with him at the House of Huawei smartwatch launch event to talk more about his blossoming partnership with Huawei and his other favorite things.


What are you up to at the moment?

During lockdown it’s been easy to sometimes neglect training and take too many days off so I’m home for now and I’m reprioritizing building up my training and working toward bigger and better goals than ever.

What are your training essentials?

My training essential is a smartwatch. Without something to collect and track data, I can’t improve my performance. A smartwatch is great because it’s light, easy to wear, and can analyze everything from my running speed to my heart rate to recommendations on what I could have done better.

What are your favorite sportswear brands?

When you’re an athlete, it’s important to look and feel good, and to me, feeling good means having the latest gear. It’s also about finding clothing and accessories that are fitness focused but also fashion forward, which is why I really like my GT3 Pro because it’s as stylish as it is practical. What a man also needs is a nice pair of shoes, and nothing comes close to my Jordan sneakers when it comes to comfort, style, and functionality.


What are your desert island must-haves?

Of course I would choose my family to camp with me on a desert island, but if it had to be an item I would probably choose my watch – it would allow me to keep training even if I was stranded! I might also consider bringing my PlayStation as I could definitely pass the time with it. Otherwise, I’d be picking an endless supply of gooey toffee pudding. – my favourite.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

Believe it or not, when I’m off the track I like to look good and I’m a fan of a nice suit. It’s too hard to pick a specific favorite fashion brand – usually it’s what I like about the day and more importantly, what makes me feel good.

What advice do you have for aspiring athletes?

My number one piece of advice to athletes is to believe in yourself and have faith that you can achieve your goals. Then, of course, it’s about working hard and planning a feasible training program. The more information you can gather about your performance, the better your chances of improving it.

What inspired you to work with Huawei?

When I’m training it’s really important that I build up a wealth of data and the GT3 Pro watch is the perfect device for me as it gives me all the monitoring tools I need to accurately track my runs but me also gives insights into my sleep, heart rate and daily activity. The watch also looks as good on the outside as I know Huawei devices are on the inside.


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